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We LOVE Our Simmons Beautyrest Black Desiree Luxury Firm Mattress.

Diane writes:
Satisfied Customer
Hi Pete,

I ordered a new mattress from you, back in March of 2018, and it’s been wonderful. 
We would like to order another mattress for a spare room – a full size. 
The current bed isn’t that old, and wasn’t that cheap, but it’s breaking down now, full of lumps and depressions.
Because we LOVE the one we have, I want to replace that bed with something that will be much more comfortable. 
In the past we ordered a Simmons Beautyrest Black Desiree Luxury Firm. Does that come in a full size?
We would also want the 2″ latex topper and waterproof mattress protector, too. 
I’m wondering about the price and might end up buying the same thing for our 25 year old son.
He’s been complaining about his back for a while now and I know his mattress is super old.
I wasn’t able to find the same mattress on your website.
Can you send me links to all the items I want/
Thank you, Diane

Hi Diane,

Thank you.

The Simmons Beautyrest Black models do come in full size.

That same sleep system combination will also work for your son.
The Simmons Beautyrest Black Desiree Luxury Firm, is now called The L-Class Medium Firm.
Shown here:
Here is a link to The Pure Bliss 2″ Plush Natural Talalay Latex Topper:
And finally, a link to The “Gotcha Covered” Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector:
As before, shipping is free and there’s no sales tax.

Thanks, Pete

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