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A Mattress to Relieve Neck and Back Pain. Reduced Motion Transfer.

Kristen writes:

Hi Pete,

Your website is great! 
Thank you for sharing your experience and insights for people like me, who are overwhelmed by options out there for mattresses, and frustrated by the jargon and sales pitches.
My boyfriend and I are looking to purchase our first new mattress. 
I wanted to see what you would suggest. 
For years, we’ve been sleeping on a flippable queen innerspring mattress + boxspring.
It is probably at least 30 years old! 
It’s held up pretty well but it’s starting to break down and cause sleep/back issues. 
We are both in our late 30s and petite sized– he is 5’4″ 160lbs, I am 5’5″ 115 lbs.
Him, mostly a side sleeper with neck and back pain from herniated disks in his neck/shoulder areas.
He sleeps hot.
Me, a back and side sleeper. A light sleeper, so I wake up every time he tosses & turns.
I love the feel of an innerspring
Back support and cooling are most important to him.
Reduced motion transfer with innerspring is most important to me. 
Both of us hate the feeling of memory foam.
I know your thoughts about that, so I won’t even go there. 🙂
I’m liking the medium firm pillowtops at the mattress stores, but I’ve read your warnings about memory foam so I am leery of purchasing the ones that feel “just right” in case it’s due simply to a pillowtop that will break down in 6 months. 
Neither of us can fall asleep on a firm mattress, that is like laying on wet sand at the beach
We don’t like the feeling of sinking into our mattress. 
The super soft ones cut off my circulation and give me tingles in my legs. 
But, I like that “just right” amount of cushion.
The ones I’ve liked the most so far are the Tommy Bahama Yolo Pillow Top medium, and Beautyrest hybrid Inficool Plus Hybrid, (also a medium), and the Beautyrest Black L-class medium firm, and Beautyrest L-Class medium firm pillow. 
The price point on all of them makes my eyes bulge a bit.
I have avoided pulling the trigger because I hate negotiating with salespeople. 
I am also frustrated that I can’t comparison shop because none of the model names are the same at the different stores.
I’ve also been eyeing Winkbeds, and am curious about your thoughts on those. 
The 100% guarantee is very appealing to me because for that price point, I want to know that I will be comfortable and happy with my purchase. 
Also, buying online seems to be the only option right now, given the COVID virus situation, since it isn’t feasible to try out mattresses in the stores. 🙁
Where do you suggest I go from here? 
Should I pull the trigger on a Beautyrest, give Winkbed a try, splurge on the Greenspring you have recommended so much on your site? 
I appreciate any advice you have to offer!
Thanks a ton, Kristen
Hi Kristen,

The advantage of being light in weight, is that you don’t need to spend a lot to get a good mattress.
As good as they are, I would not recommend a Natura of Canada Greenspring mattress for you.
They really are better suited to heavier people.
The mattresses you mentioned, are using memory foam, which we both know isn’t any good.
Tommy Bahama is owned by Therapedic…a brand we use to carry.
I can tell you, from experience, that their customer service is pretty bad…which is why we no longer carry that brand.
What strikes me as being your best value, and appropriate for your sizes and conditions, is:
The Wolf Pocketed Coil/Latex Hybrid Mattresses.
Shown here:
Wolf Tulah Latex Hybrid Mattress
These mattresses are similarly made to the Natura Greenspring, but not nearly as expensive.
Of the two model on this webpage, the Tulah is more comfortable than the Adara.
The Tulah model will suit you better.
For disc problems in the neck, you can better address that problem with the right pillow.
The Pure Bliss Talalay Latex/Down Pillow uses finely chopped latex, which allows you to shape the pillow around your head and neck, which will maintain the proper alignment, which will relieve that pain.
Shown here:
Shipping is free and there’s no sales tax.
Thanks, Pete
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