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It’s Time for a New King Size Mattress.

Bill writes:
Hi Pete,

My wife and I are moving and it’s time for a new king size mattress.  
I’ve read your website from front to back as well as perused other sites.  
Of all the stuff I’ve read, trying to figure out what to believe or not, your decades of experience are a big influence on my thinking.
My wife and I are a youngish and active, 65 and 73, respectively.  
She is 5’7 and 120 lbs.; I am 5’11 and 159 lbs.  
She has a slightly weak back and swims 3 x per week to keep it from stiffening up.
After everything I’ve read, I’m still a little uncertain about what is best for us.   
The only thing I know for sure is that I’d like the latex to be integrated with the mattress rather than with a separate topper.
Like one of your other bloggers, it’s hard to commit to a purchase sight-unseen.  
We’re in Southern California, so it’s too far to go to Roger’s Furniture in North Carolina.  
Do you know of any place in our area, (Los Angeles or Orange County), where we could test drive the feel of latex before jumping in?
Also, the finished height of the bed is important.  
If we shoot for a 26 inch finished height we won’t be able to use the recommended foundation.  
I assume we can buy a 5.5-inch low-profile box spring of another brand and make it work?
Finally, l noticed that Natura is has additional models being marketed in the USA:  
Natura Greenspring, Natura Renew and Natura Latex.  
Do you know anything about these products?  
And, if they are any good can you sell them?
Looking forward to your thoughts,
Thanks, Bill 
Hi Bill,

Given all of the particulars:
Your sizes and physical conditions,
Your reluctance to buy without trying,
That most stores are pushing worthless garbage mattresses, upholstered with memory foam,
Not to mention that they are all closed for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic,
My recommendation is to order an Avocado mattress, online.
The Avocado uses an individually pocketed coil, upholstered with latex.
The coils aren’t very strong, which makes it ideal for lightweight people.
If you don’t like it, they’ll give you a full refund…and donate the mattress to charity.
The Natura Greenspring mattresses are much too strong and much too firm for lightweight people.
Their all latex mattresses, and any all foam mattress, are a poor choice for your wife’s sensitive back.
Her condition requires an innerspring mattress.
Of the mattresses we carry, my recommendation would be the Wolf coil/latex Hybrid “Tulah” model, shown here:
The Tulah also uses an individually pocketed coil, upholstered with latex and polyurethane foam.
The only thing that may be an issue, is the UPS delivery.
You’ll need to be able to bring it into the bedroom and unpack it yourself.
Also, it’s a mattress only.
If you need a foundation, I recommend the Basic Black Platform to go with it.
Shown here:
Together with that mattress, the overall height, from the floor, is 25”.
Shipping is free and there’s no sales tax.
Thanks, Pete



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