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Waterproof Mattress Protector.

Pauline writes:
Hi Pete,
I just bought a new mattress, after my little one peed on the old one.
I really can’t afford to keep buying mattresses, and I don’t want to bar my son from our bed.
I need a waterproof mattress protector. 
The last one, a Protect-A-Bed brand, sold to me by the salesman at my mattress store, slept hot.
So, we stopped using it, just in time for my son’s “accident”.
Do you know of on that you can recommend, that doesn’t sleep hot?
Thanks, Pauline
Hi Pauline,
The one we use, at home, is made of organic cotton and does not sleep hot.
It doesn’t have the terrycloth top that Protect-A-Bed has, which is what slept hot.
Here is a link to the “Gotcha Covered” brand organic cotton waterproof mattress protector.
Thanks, Pete

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