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Reasonably priced Two Sided Mattress with NO Memory Foam.

Herbert writes:
Hi Pete,
I found you through a google search and have spent hours reading your blog posts.
Like so many others, I have purchased a mattress with memory foam in it.
in fact, it’s the third one in as many years.
I didn’t realize that the memory foam was the problem, until I read through your blog.
The stores in NYC are closed, due to the Covid-19 virus, and I need to get a new mattress.
I would love to get a mattress like my old one, the one I had before I purchased these last three.
I simply assumed that they weren’t available, until I read your blog.
I want a reasonably priced two sided mattress with NO memory foam in it.
I see that your sell such a mattress, made by Wolf, who I’ve never heard of until last night.
Their Brolynn is a two sided mattress, but I’m unsure as to which firmness to get.
I’m an average size man with some worn discs in my back and I sleep alone.
I like firm, but don’t want it to be hard. 
Which model do you suggest for me?
I’m ready to buy.
Thanks, Herbert
Hi Herbert,
Since almost all of your NYC stores are pushing memory foam, which you have learned to be worthless, them being closed is no loss to the consumer.
The Wolf Brolynn is an Old Fashion Two-Sided Mattress that is most reasonably priced.
Part of the savings is due to the UPS delivery, which cuts down of the overall cost by quite a bit.
The coil count is good and the steel from which the coils are made, is tempered steel for durability.
The upholstery is old fashion polyurethane….which is made from soy, instead of being petrochemical based.
You’ll be happy to know that this mattress is made from natural material and there is no VOC off-gassing.
Their “Firm” model is not hard. It’s reasonably comfortable, as firm mattresses go.
This would be the proper choice for a man with your set of circumstances.
Here is a link to that mattress, where you can order, securely, online:
Wolf Brolynn Two Sided Mattress
UPS Shipping is Free and there’s no sales tax.
Thanks, Pete

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