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Back Pain on a Tempurpedic Memory Foam Mattress.

Jane writes:
Hi Pete,
I’m an average size elderly woman. A side sleeper with a bad back due to herniated discs.
I bought a Tempurpedic memory foam mattress, because the salesman told me it was good for back pain.
I didn’t realize until the trial period was over, that he meant that it was good for making a bad back worse.
This was an expensive mattress, which I’m still paying on.
I can’t afford to buy another mattress.
I found your Mattress Expert blog and saw your advice to others with my problem.
Your recommended flipping the mattress and adding a Pure Bliss 3″ plush latex topper.
Can I use the 2″? Shouldn’t I opt for the ‘Firm’ topper, since this mattress is too soft?
I would appreciate some clarification on all this.
I, simply, can’t afford to make another mistake.
Thank you, Jane
Hi Jane,
It’s the memory foam, on top of that mattress, that is causing your increase in back pain.
Memory foam is the only upholstery material that is temperature sensitive.
As the memory foam warms from your body heat, it softens and allows the heavier parts of your body to sink into it.
The result, is a spine that is not properly aligned, which is the reason your back pain has worsened.
What a body requires for the best possible night’s sleep, is some degree of firm support and some degree of a soft, comfortable sleeping surface….varying degrees for of those for everyone.
In your case, you have what you have to work with.
This adaptation of using a latex topper on the flip side of a Tempurpedic mattress, will generally, yield another 5 years of comfortable sleep. 5 years from now, when it comes time to replace that mattress, you’ll want an individually pocketed innerspring mattress to use with that same latex topper…which will last you for many years.
You should not buy an all foam mattress for any disc related back problems.
On the plus side, the memory foam is only on top.
The material under the memory foam, is firm, high density polyurethane foam.
If you flip the mattress over, you’ll have the firm support your spine needs to relieve your back pain.
You should flip that mattress today. Tomorrow, your back will hurt less.
However, the underside is too firm to sleep on comfortably.
So, you need to soften the top with a material that won’t allow you to sink into it.
Latex foam is that material.
Latex is and has been the most comfortable, most resilient, and longest lasting upholstery material for the last 100 years.
This is why you want the ‘Plush” latex and not the ‘Firm’.
The 2″ will, certainly, make the mattress more comfortable.
However, the 3″ is more comfortable than the 2″, and the better choice for cushioning the curves of a female body.
Simply put, the 3″ does a better job of cushioning the hip of a woman who is a side sleeper.
Here is a link to the Pure Bliss Latex Toppers:
Shipping is free and there’s no sales tax.
We recommend using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping the upholstery materials clean and dry will extend the life of the mattress.
Shown here, are 2 quality models from which to choose.
Both do the job. The second is a bit more luxurious.

Thanks, Pete

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