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Equivalent Mattress to the Sealy Posturepedic Signature Maymont.

Samantha writes:
Hi Pete,
I am looking for the Sealy Posturepedic Signature Maymont mattress.
I can’t seem to locate it. Was it discontinued? If so is there an equivalent?
Thanks, Samantha
Hi Samantha,
That mattress is about 15 years old.
Since then, Sealy was purchased by Tempurpedic.
There is absolutely nothing on the market that even comes close to the specifications of that mattress.

‘Discontinued’ is an understatement. “Long gone, never to return” is more accurate.
Thanks, Pete
Oh wow! Any recommendations?
At the time that mattress was made, almost no mattresses were upholstered with memory foam.

At that time, it was difficult to buy a bad mattress.
Today, quite the opposite is true.
The key to avoiding buying a bad mattress, is to be sure that it has no memory foam in it.
All of the once trusted name brands have been sold.
All are now upholstered with memory foam.
Despite all the hype and advertising stating the opposite, memory foam is the worst upholstery material ever invented.
It’s sole purpose is to cause a mattress to need frequent replacing.
Today, it’s all about profit and not at all about quality.
It’s not only a very poor quality product, it’s also a health hazard, off gassing the toxic chemicals from which it’s made. The fumes attack your respiratory system.
Sleeping hot is one of the more minor negative side effects.
Memory foam is the only upholstery material that is temperature sensitive.
As it warms from your body heat, it softens allowing the heavier parts of your body to sink too far, which throws off the natural alignment of the spine.
If you have back problems, memory foam will make them worse.
If you don’t have back problems, memory foam will cause them to develop.
We specialize in high quality mattresses that have no memory foam in them.
High quality does not necessarily translate into expensive.
And as you shop, you’ll find that expensive does not necessarily translate into quality.
My recommendations are based on your specific needs.
If you would like a recommendation, I need some personal information.
Ages, heights and weights of the people using the mattress.
Any and all physical ailments you might have.
I went to through this extensive explanation because it was obvious to me that you are completely unaware of the current situation.
Buying a memory foam upholstered mattress, is a mistake that is more than just a waste of money.
Thanks, Pete

Thank you. 

We’re looking for a king or California king. 
I’m 5’7″, 180 lbs. and 31 y.o. I have lumbar issues (I have herniated discs and pinched nerves). 
The same is true for my husband, who is 5’8″, btw 270-280 lbs., and 42 y.o. 
He also has heel spurs (not sure if that affects anything)
Good Morning,

Your husband’s size requires our strongest mattress.
All upholstered items, like mattresses and sofas are pressure sensitive.
The best type of coil system for herniated discs, is an individually pocketed coil.
Each coil is pre-compressed into a pocket.
Each coil moves independently from one another.
Being pre-compressed, each coil pushes up against you.
This type of coil system maintains the natural alignment of the spine, which relieves the pain caused by that sort of back issue.
The mattress I’m recommending is the same as the one we sleep on at home.
I have a variety of discs related back problems…herniated, bulging and degenerative disc disease…the trifecta, as one orthopedic surgeon put it.
I’ve had these for 18+ years. Yet, I sleep and wake with no back pain.
My wife and I are, each, over 200 lbs.
Our mattress is almost 5 years old and, still, in like new condition.
Your Sealy mattress is upholstered with petrochemical based polyurethane foam…the mattress industry’s standard upholstery material from the late 60s/early 70s, until memory foam took over about 10 years ago.
The absolute best upholstery material has always been natural latex foam rubber…and has been for the last 100 years…more comfortable and more durable than any other type of upholstery material.
The mattress I’m recommending uses a pocketed coil, with a very high coil count and made of double tempered steel…for added durability.
The upholstery material is Natural Talalay Latex.
That mattress is The Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush.
The ultra plush model is the most comfortable of their 4 models.
It is not as soft as it sounds, and in no way, too soft.
Latex provides a unique feel…cushy, but resilient.
It holds you up, rather than allow you to sink.
The best way to describe the feel, is that you are floating.
Here is a link to that line of mattresses.
Scroll down to the Ultra Plush model.

This mattress comes with white glove delivery.

Delivery includes set-up in your bedroom and removal of your old mattress.
Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

We recommend using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping the upholstery materials clean and dry will extend the life of the mattress.

Thanks, Pete

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