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When Did Mattresses Get So Expensive?

Lakisha writes:
Hi Pete,
I need a new mattress, but am not able to afford a good one.
When did mattresses get so expensive? 
I read reviews online and they aren’t good, many of them.
Can you recommend a good quality mattress that doesn’t cost a lot of money?
Thanks, Lakisha
Hi Lakisha,
It all started about 20 years ago, when Tempur-Pedic came into existence.
They spent a ton of money in advertising, and continue to do so. It’s the consumer, who ends up paying for it.
Later, all of the once trusted name brands were purchased by other companies.
Tempur-Pedic bought Sealy and Stearns & Foster. An investment group bought Simmons and Serta.
Those name brands sold for a huge amount of money. The money spent to buy them needed to be recouped.
Again, it’s the consumer who ended up footing the bill.
The reviews are so bad, due to the memory foam all of these brands are using.
They promote that junk as if it were the best thing since sliced bread.
But memory foam is purposefully designed to cause a mattress to need frequent replacing.
All that is part of the corporate greed that has gripped this industry.
However, the news isn’t all bad.
There are lots of small mattress manufacturers across the country that don’t spend a ton of money in advertising and offer mattresses with no memory foam in them.
One, in particular, is The Wolf Corporation….one that we carry and promote for their quality and value.
Wolf is the oldest mattress manufacturer in the country that has been continually owned and operated by the same family.
The Wolf family established their mattress manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana…in 1873.
From them, we have an old-fashioned two-sided mattress, upholstered in natural plant-based poly foam.
There is no memory foam in these mattresses, and no VOC off gassing, which is common with memory foam.
Here is a link to that mattress…available in a choice of comfort.
Wolf Brolynn Two Sided Mattress
Also available form Wolf, is a double tempered steel, individually pocketed coil/Latex hybrid line.
And while these mattresses are more substantial and a good choice for larger adults, they are still reasonably priced.
Here is a link to those mattresses:
Wolf Tulah Latex Hybrid Mattress
All of the mattresses, in the above links, are superior in quality to ANYTHING made by the, so called, name brands.
Far better mattresses at a much lower price translates into excellent value.
If you don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the advertising hype of the name brands, you can get everything you want:
…Quality, Support, Comfort, Longevity and Value.
These mattresses come with free shipping and there’s no sales tax.
We recommend using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping the upholstery materials clean and dry will extend the life of the mattress.

Thanks, Pete

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