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Mattresses for the Family.

Mark writes:
Hi Pete,

My family and I are moving from NYC to the New Jersey suburbs in around 2 weeks from now. 
Myself and wife, plus daughter (6 yrs) and son (3 yrs) all need beds.
My wife and I are average size.
I want to buy beds that will be comfortable for the long term. Another constraint is that the stairs in the new house probably cannot fit a king. I measured a width of 58″ and a height from step to ceiling in the stairwell of 78″.
I figure we can probably squeeze a queen through, but not a king. We also need to be careful that any bases and headboards come broken down into small enough parts to get them up the stairs.
I sleep hot and would like a bed that is cool.
Thanks, Mark
Hi Mark,
If you already sleep hot, you need to avoid any mattresses made with memory foam.
Memory foam wears poorly and causes you to sleep even hotter.
For you and your wife, the very best and longest lasting is the Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush.
Shown here:
And while you can’t go wrong with that choice, it does strike me as being more mattress than you need at your sizes.
The Wolf Hybrid Tulah Plush EuroTop provides excellent support and comfort…and really is all the mattress you need.
The same mattress would be my recommendation for your daughter’s bedroom.
Shown here:
Wolf Tulah Latex Hybrid Mattress
I would have recommended the same mattress for your son, but it isn’t available in full size.
The Wolf Two Sided Brolynn Plush Mattress is my recommendation for him.
Shown here:

Foundations for the children’s mattresses are:
The ‘Easy Fit’, for a more traditional look, or the ‘Basic Black Platform Bed’, 
which also provides additional storage space.
Both require assembly.
Each of those, shown here:
There is no more comfortable place to lay your head, than on a soft Talalay Latex Pillow.
The Pure Bliss Soft Talalay Latex Pillows, shown here:
We recommend using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping the upholstery materials clean and dry will extend the life of the mattress.

Thanks, Pete

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