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Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress, Made in Mexico.

Shawna writes:
Hello Pete, 
I am beyond desperate. My family calls me “the princess and the pea” meaning I just can’t be pleased.
But, IT IS NOT TRUE!  The fact is, I sleep, ONLY when I visit my dad’s house once a month on an old mattress. 
It’s a Serta Perfect Sleeper, double sided, (always flipped), kinda bouncy, innerspring mattress.  
It has only been slept on a few times a month, over the past 10 years. (it’s much older than 10 yrs.). 
Soooooo its lifetime wear isn’t as long as its actual life span.  
But when I sleep there, I sleep for a few hours without waking AND I don’t wake up feeling like I’ve been steam rolled.
I can’t say the same for every other mattress I’ve slept on over the past several years!  
Embarrassing to say, I have purchased and tried a lot of beds. 
Costco bed Recharge , a Simmons, a Saatva bed, an Ikea bed, a custom-made bed, by some little hole in the wall factory, a double-sided Custom Comfort bed (first without pillow top, then with, then an added pillow top pad), and finally , recently, a Winkbed (not to mentions the  (several) used beds in between….but I don’t sleep.  
I’m always tossing and turning and finally somewhere near morning passing out for a bit but always waking up in pain.
But, NOT on the bed at my dad’s house. So I KNOW a good night‘s sleep is possible! 
Please, please, don’t roll your eyes, or think I’m just crazy!  I truly must get help and rest!    
Here are the stats on me that, I pray, will help you to help me. and thank you!!!! 
UPDATE:  (my son, coincidentally, has and I don’t know how he acquired it, the same brand mattress in his guest room as the one at my father’s house in Mexico. 
But BEFORE it knew this…I went to visit him and slept in this bed (only one night) SLEPT and woke up without pain.  
I IMMEDIATELY looked under the sheets to find out what kind of mattress it was.  
It was the SERTA PERFECT sleeper…..as is my dad’s house in Mexico (though not the same second name).    
I am a 58 y/o woman, approx. 135 lbs., sleeps alone, mother of 5 working waitress.
I used to be, mostly, a side sleeper. But now I toss and turn so much trying to sleep. 
Pains are mostly in shoulders, neck but hips too (back now too bad with last 2 mattresses)
I don’t like the memory foam, the hugging thing, don’t like difficulty in turning.
Money is an issue but I’d sell a kid to get a good night‘s sleep, at this point, lol.
(I’d sell several kids now to sleep and wake up without pain)
I live in Southern California
I am currently researching sleep number bed???? sleep level of 5 or 6 ??  
Please help me asap!  
I would buy a bed TODAY if all the planets would line up and I would know that tonight, when I come home from serving and waiting on people till 1am, that I will not have to climb into the monster that beats me up every night!
Thank you, thank you, thank you,


Hi Shawna,

Your email made me laugh.
I remember getting gas, years ago, when the price was real high.
The total came to more than $50 for a tank of gas.
I pulled out my wallet, opened it to my photos and showed the attendant pictures of my children and asked him if he’d take one in trade for the gas.
Forget Sleep Number and Serta and all the major brands made in the US.
Today, they all upholster their mattresses with memory foam.
I have a couple of options for you.
Mexican made mattresses are pretty good, and without memory foam…and reasonably priced.
There are stores in your area that sell them. You might even be able to find a Mexican made Serta there.
It’s a furniture store called Armando’s.
I know there’s one in Victorville.
From us, I have an old fashioned two sided mattress that, also, has no memory foam.
Here is the link to those.
Wolf Brolynn Two Sided Mattress

They are well made and shipping to your area is free.
And, there’s no sales tax.

I recommend the plush for comfort. The coil unit provides the firm support.

We recommend using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping the upholstery materials clean and dry will extend the life of the mattress.

Thanks, Pete

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