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Purchasing a Natura Greenspring Coil Mattress from your Website.

Jen writes:
Hi Pete,
We are seriously considering purchasing a Natura Greenspring coil mattress from your website.  
My apologies, but is there a difference between coil/hybrid latex and innerspring?  
I was browsing your categories and I got a little confused.  
We’ve had a memory foam for only three years now, and have come to the realization that it’s not for us.  
If only we had seen your company before our purchase!  🙂 
We’ve looked over your products, and was curious what your advice would be regarding our next step in purchasing.  
My husband is 340 pounds and about 6 foot. He’s a firefighter and is usually achy after his shifts…   
I’m approx. 150 and use to be an ER nurse, so I also fall into the category of “achy” most of the time as well.  🙂 
We are looking for something that provides good solid support. 
Thanks very much for any help and advice you can provide.

Hope you and your team our staying safe and healthy!!!
Take care, Jen
Hi Jen,

There are 3 different types of foams used in the mattress industry.
Memory foam has proven to be the worst, over its 20-year history.
Polyurethane foam was the standard foam used since the 1970s.
Latex foam is and has been the best upholstery material for the last 100 years.
The foams used in the Natura Greenspring mattresses are:
Natural plant-based polyurethane…an inch of soft poly foam in the quilted cover and an inch of firm poly foam under the latex, just above the coils.
Firm, Natural Talalay Latex is in between the two poly foam layers.
There is no memory foam in this mattress.
All mattresses are upholstered with one or more types of foam.
The only one to avoid is memory foam. It’s the only one that is poor quality.

Thanks, Pete

Hi Pete,
Thank you again for all the info….  I do have a few last questions before purchase.  
After discussing this with my husband, he was wondering if there is a major difference between the Simmons Beautyrest and the Natura Greenspring, in your opinion.  The innerspring vs. the hybrid.   
He’s hoping this next purchase will be able to last about 10 years.
He’s a little afraid we might not choose the right one between the two.

Also, we do like the old school feel of the coil mattress. But I understand the design of mattresses are always changing.
Is the Greenspring version still more or less the kind that will have some bounce to it?
Our kiddos can’t really jump on our memory foam.
I do like the idea of having more bounce…whereas now we just kind of sink into the foam.
Thank you again for being so attentive and informative.  We greatly appreciate your time and service.  
Take care, Jen
Hi Jen,

The quality of these Natura of Canada Greenspring mattresses vs Simmons Beautyrest is like night and day.
As recommended, 10 years is perfectly likely.
No Simmons mattress will last more than a year, under his weight.

Only memory foam, which is used in every Simmons mattress, is the only foam that produces the sinking feeling.

Thanks, Pete
Thanks a million, Pete.  We appreciate it!  
We will be putting in an order this evening.  

Have a good night!
We recommend using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping the upholstery materials clean and dry will extend the life of the mattress.

Thanks, Pete

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