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2008 Simmons Beautyrest World Class Cape Horn Mattress.

Robyn writes:
Hi Pete,

Thank you for saving me from making a huge mistake! 
I was researching a new mattress simply because it was “old” (2008) and stumbled on your blog.  
I was trying to research this crazy industry. In desperation, I googled the name of my old mattress and found your site.
Now I know the gem that I have (Simmons Beautyrest World Class Extra Plush – Cape Horn).
And I’ll keep enjoying it as long as it keeps giving me a great night’s sleep.  
It’s a King with a bit of a hump, very minor as I was already rotating it only 90 degrees each time and sleeping on it “sideways” as you do, and have recommended to others.
And whenever I do need to replace it, I now know exactly where to go.
Thank you for your refreshing common sense and straight information. 
It’s heartening to find business men of quality and honesty are still out there and successful!


Hi Robyn,
Thank you for all of that.
Normally, I get problems that need solving. I rarely hear about someone avoiding a problem.
I’m happy for you and hope you continue to sleep well for many more years to come.
And when the time comes to replace what you have, I’ll be more than happy to help you make a good selection.
Thanks again, Pete


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