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A Queen Size Headboard and a King Size Mattress.

Bill writes:
Hi Pete,
I am looking for a headboard that is in oak. 
I have a bedroom set that matches my queen bed headboard. 
I would like to get another headboard that matches for our new king size mattress. 
Do you have any suggestions?    
Thanks, Bill
Hi Bill,

I can think of two ways.
Take a photo of your furniture. Download it onto a photo search.
Google and Bing have them.
The Hard Way:
Take a small drawer with you to local furniture stores.
Another Option:
Get a 1”x 6” board, 76” long.
Drill holes a bolt to the bed frame.
Center the queen headboard to that.
Drill and bolt, or screw to the 1” x 6”.
Thanks, Pete

Hi Pete,

I thought of that, too. But I was thinking that it may not look too good. 
What is your thought on this?
Thanks, Bill
Good Morning Bill,

That was something my father had done, many years ago….so that he could keep the headboard that matched the rest of the bedroom set. He was ok with it. Mom didn’t much care for the way it looked.
He didn’t get a 1′ x 6″ board. He, simply, screwed the headboard to the wall.
I suggest waiting until the mattress arrives.
Then, set the headboard behind the king mattress to see if it looks ok to you, before deciding on a course of action.

Thanks, Pete

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