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Flipping a Sealy Reflexion Huntington Beach Latex Mattress.

Wendy writes:
Hi Pete,
I own a Sealy Reflexion Huntington Beach latex mattress. 
And like other people, it has deep impressions from years of use.  
I’ve read your advice to other people about flipping the mattress and getting a talalay topper.  
My questions are:

(1) how do I know that the other side of the mattress is in good enough condition to use it? 
(2) Given the age of the mattress, how much more life should I expect to get out it with a topper on it? 
(3) How long does a topper last before you need to replace it?
(4) How thick a talalay topper would I need and what firmness level?  
Some facts are: I weigh about 160; my partner like 172.  We are age 65 and 75 respectively.  
He usually wakes up with a back ache now.  We both primarily sleep on our sides but sometimes are on our backs.  
Oh, and the mattress is on a platform bed which is a single piece of wood (not slatted).
I hope I gave you enough facts to answer my questions.
Hi Wendy,

Yes. You’ve provided enough details.
Although, your backs would feel better with a mattress that uses an individually pocketed coil unit for support and latex upholstery, like the Adara model on this page:
To answer your questions:
1) you won’t know until you flip it.
2) another 10 years, if the top isn’t too badly worn.
3) 5 years, on average.
4) 2” of Soft Dunlop added to the flip side will most closely resemble the Huntington Beach when it was new.
The 3” provides a more luxurious surface feel.
Here is a link to those toppers. They are, currently, on sale.
Use the discount code, sst10, when you check out, for an additional 10% off.
Both, the mattress and the topper come with free shipping and there’s no sales tax.
We recommend using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping the upholstery materials clean and dry will extend the life of the mattress.

Thanks, Pete

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