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Debilitating Pain on a Memory Foam Mattress

Adam writes:
Hip pain-themattressexpert.com
Hi Pete, 
I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 
My grandmother passed away, just last year. 
Her doctors could never figure what was causing of her hip/leg joint pain. 
I acquired her belongings and have slept on her memory foam mattress for about a week. 
Four days in, and I developed a debilitating pain in my leg & hip socket. By day seven, it was exponentially worse. 
At that point I went back to my old mattress. A couple of WEEKS later, I was fine again. 
I still have her devil mattress and am wondering if there’s a way to have them outlawed. 
I feel for the next person who will make a poor decision based on poor representation of the facts. 
Doctors are useless, lazy drug dealers. 
Memory foam mattresses must be banned.
Thanks, Adam
Hi Adam,

There is no government agency policing the mattress industry in the US.
I’ve had many people contact me about severe negative reactions to memory foam.
It should be illegal.
The only way to make that happen, is through a lawsuit.
Some of those people had threatened to take that legal course of action.
I had offered my services to them, as I am offering it to you.
If you wish to pursue this, have your lawyer contact me.
I’ll be happy to help in every way I can.
Thus far, no one has taken me up on my offer.
At the very least, you’ve learned to avoid mattresses upholstered with memory foam.

Most that have learned that lesson, like you, learned it the hard way.

Thanks, Pete
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