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Why are you not a fan of mattresses made with memory foam?

Nanni writes:
off gassing memory foam
Hi Pete,
Why are you not a fan of mattresses made with memory foam?
Thanks, Nanni
Hi Nanni,
All of the name brands that you could once trust to make a quality mattress, have been sold to investors.
The bulk of the mattress industry has gone from focusing on quality to focusing on profits.
Memory foam is what is used to enhance profits to the detriment of the consumer.
Memory foam causes a mattress to need frequent replacing…and NOT under the terms of the warranty.
Memory Foam off gasses the toxic chemicals from which it’s made .
Not only is memory foam a lousy product in terms of performance and longevity, it also poses a health hazard.
Those toxic fumes attack your respiratory system.
Formaldehyde and Benzene are only two of the more dangerous chemicals out of the 61 different chemicals used to make memory foam.
If all that isn’t bad enough to convince you to avoid it, there’s more.
It sleeps hot. Memory foam absorbs your body heat and reflects that heat to you.
Even “Gel Memory Foam”, which is supposed to be cool, reaches its saturation point in the middle of the night.
The “Gel” part only works for a few hours.
It’ll worsen any back problems you may have.
Being a temperature sensitive material, memory foam softens as it warms from your body heat.
This allows you torso to sink, throwing of the natural alignment of your spine, worsening any back problems you may have.
Also, your torso sinks but your arms and legs don’t, causing numbness of the extremities.

Memory foam is the absolute worst upholstery material ever invented…despite all the BS to the contrary you’ll encounter.

Here are plenty of consumer complaints for you to read.

With the mattress industry promoting that garbage as though it were the best thing since sliced bread, I can see how it would be difficult to believe otherwise.

This leaves you with two choices:
1) Heed the warning and make a successful purchase that will last for many years.
2) Attain first hand knowledge. (Learn about it, the hard way.)
Thanks, Pete
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase its longevity.
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