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High Quality Mattress for a Very Big Man.

Frank writes:
Hello Pete,

Your site has been an eye-opening trove of information for me. Thank you.
Within the next 45 days (flexible), I will be purchasing a new mattress and platform bed.
Even after “going to school” by reading your site for a few hours, I would be truly comforted to have you help me choose the new set up. The honesty and transparency within your website lead me to be fully open with you.
While I am certainly not rich. 
I have prioritized my sleep purchase quite highly.
So please know that durability and comfort far exceed my desire for a bargain.
The choice is particularly important for me as it will most likely be the final mattress purchase of my life.
The basics are as follows, 
I am 60 years old, 6.0 ft tall, a very big man, (305-325 lbs), and sleep alone.
I’m leaning to Queen size
In home delivery and set up (mobile home)
Please feel free to ask anything else that can help you help me.
Thank you in advance for any and all efforts made on my behalf.
Looking forward to hopefully learning more and doing business.
Respectfully, Frank
Hi Frank,

There’s a couple of ways to approach this.
“Solo il Meglio”, my grandfather used to say…Italian for, “Only the Best”.
But not everyone can afford the best as an initial layout…especially these days, with so many people not working or even not knowing when they’ll again go back to work.
When it comes a mattress purchase durable enough to hold a big man long enough to make that purchase cost effective, we have two schools of thought.
The Best, which will last a very long time, but cost more initially.
Or, inexpensive with decent enough quality to last long enough to make the ‘cost per year’ about the same as ‘The Best’ with repurchasing more frequently…which will cost more in the long term.
The Best:
The Natura of Canada Greenspring Firm mattress and a Suite Sleep Organic Medium Soft Latex Topper.
Mattress and topper total cost: $2400.00…not including the platform bed.
Best for the Least:
Wolf Old Fashioned Two Sided Firm Mattress with the same latex topper:
Total cost: $1200.00…also, not including the platform bed.
The latex topper is the key component in each choice for both, surface comfort and added longevity.
In a few to several years, you’ll need to replace the latex topper with either option.
With ‘The Best’ option, only the topper will need replacing over the next couple/few cycles.
With ‘The Best for the Least’ option, both, mattress and topper will need replacing.
Note: There are plenty of mattresses on the market that are considerably more expensive than our Best option that won’t last more than a year or two under average weight people, let alone a man your size.
Here are links to both mattresses and the latex topper.

The Natura of Canada Greenspring mattress comes with the white glove delivery you want, which includes set up in your bedroom and removal of your old mattress.
The Wolf mattress and the latex topper come with ups delivery.

In all cases, delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

Thanks, Pete
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase its longevity.
We recommend our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

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