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Searching for the Mattress they use at Holiday Inn Express Hotel.

Jennifer writes:
Hi Pete. 
I’ve been searching for the mattress they use at holiday inn express hotel. 
It was the best sleep I’ve ever had. 
Currently, I have a memory foam mattress, and as you mentioned, it’s horrible. 
I am a side sleeper with neck and back pain, and usually wake up due to pain and overheating. 
I am a very hot sleeper and usually cannot even use sheets for this reason. Living in Las Vegas doesn’t help. 
I do not wish to purchase another memory foam in my life! 
I want firm, comfortable and cooling support. 
With covid going on, it’s hard to get out to test mattresses. 
Is there anything you could recommend for me? 
I’m also interested in adjustable beds as I sit up and read often in bed. 
Thank you so very much, Jennifer
Hi Jennifer,

The Wolf Pocketed Coil/Latex Hybrid Adara Mattress, with the Magniflex adjustable bed base has the feel you want.
It sleeps cool and will wear well on an adjustable bed base.
The support is an individually pocketed coil system.
This is the same type of support that is used in the mattresses at the Holiday Inn Express Hotels.
Here is a link to that page…scroll down to the Adara mattress.
This link has all the information about the Magniflex adjustable bed base.

Ups shipping is free and there’s no sales tax.

Thanks, Pete
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