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What is the difference between a Simmons Beautyrest Black C Class and a Beautyrest Black ICE Nadia?

Bill writes:

Hey Pete,

What is the difference between a Simmons Beautyrest Black C Class and a Beautyrest Black ICE Nadia?  
Looking for a firm king size.

Thanks, Bill

Hi Bill,

Happy to help.

Send me the list of specifications for each.

Thanks, Pete
Hi Pete,
I can’t find the detailed specifications on either mattress. 
It seems like they are hiding the specs on the Beautyrest Black ICE Nadia.  
The Nadia is available at Costco.
, Bill

Good Morning Bill,

The only way to effectively shop one mattress to another is by comparing the specifications of each.
Otherwise, it’s all a guessing game.
The conventional wisdom, in this industry, has always been to give the consumer as little information as possible.
The belief being, the more information you’re given, the more confused you’ll become…and the less likely that any given salesperson will be able to make the sale.
I can tell you, now that Simmons is owned by an investment group, all of their mattresses are upholstered with memory foam.
You won’t be happy with the performance of any mattress upholstered with memory foam or the chemical off gassing that accompanies it.
Which is why we no longer sell that brand.

Best of luck.

Thanks, Pete
Hi Pete,
What, then, do you recommend as the best overall mattress? And best value for the money?
Thanks, Bill

Hi Bill,

The thing that makes a Beautyrest so comfortable is the individually pocketed coils, which contour to the shape of the body, maintaining the natural alignment of the spine.
You can get that same support without the memory foam for other sources.
The Best:
Natura of Canada Greenspring…with the Ultra Plush model being the most comfortable and the most popular.
It’s what my wife and I sleep on at home.
Shown here:
Best Buy:
Wolf Latex Hybrid mattresses, with the Tulah being more comfortable than the Adara. Several of my family members have one of these mattresses.
Shown here:
The Natura mattresses come with white glove delivery, which includes set up in your bedroom and removal of your old mattress/set and all packaging materials.
The Wolf mattresses arrive via UPS.
Either way, delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
Thanks, Pete
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We recommend our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

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