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Best Mattress? Stearns and Foster is not what it once was.

Max writes:
Hi Pete,
My wife and I had been sleeping on an old Stearns and Foster Knightsbridge Pillowtop mattress.
It lasted us for quite some time, about 20 years.
So, when we needed a new mattress, a couple of years ago, we bought another Stearns and Foster.
We had a problem with sagging a year into it and the store we bought it from replaced it.
Here it is, another year later and this one is also sagging.
Unfortunately, the store won’t exchange this one and no one at Stearns and Foster will even speak to me.
I went online to research the problem, which is where I found your blog.
Once I started reading your blog posts, I couldn’t stop. 
I spent hours reading about the history and now see that Stearns and Foster is not what it once was.
I’ve seen that you had been a Stearns and Foster dealer, but stopped selling them when Tempurpedic bought them.
I’ve read that you, too, had once slept on a Knightsbridge mattress.
I see that you and your wife are sleeping on a Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush mattress.
Is this the mattress you would recommend for us?
What is the best mattress?
Thanks, Max
Hi Max,
While I’m happy to see that you’ve been reading, you left little for me to say.
It was in 2013, when Tempurpedic purchased the Sealy/S&F company, that we stopped selling those brands.
Tempurpedic added memory foam to all the mattresses they make.
Your Knightsbridge had no memory foam in it, which is why it held up so well for so long.
It’s the memory foam in your current Stearns and Foster that has caused it to fail…twice.
Memory foam is not only a lousy product in terms of performance, the off gassing of the toxic chemicals from which it’s made, makes it a health hazard…just to add insult to injury.
The key to purchasing a good quality mattress is in buying one with no memory foam in it.
The best mattress we could find, which shopping at the industry trade shows, is the Natura of Canada brand.
Their Greensping line of mattresses exceed the specifications of even your old Steans and Foster.
Click on this link to view the Natura of Canada Greenspring line of mattresses:
Wolf Brolynn Two Sided Mattress


Click on each model to view specifications and prices.
My wife and I have been sleeping on the Ultra Plush model for more than 5.5 years.
Despite our sizes, each over 200 lbs., our mattress is still in like new condition.
What’s more, I sleep and wake without back pain, despite have a very bad back.
These mattresses come with white glove delivery.
Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
Delivery includes set-up in your bedroom and removal of your old mattress.  


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