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Disappointed with our Consumer Reports recommended mattress.

Nancy writes:
Hi, Pete.

I have been paying attention to your website for a while now.
Thank you, so much, for all the information you provide! 
Your advice to others leads me to the Natura Greenspring Ultra Plush mattress. 
My husband and I are both seniors and have various aches and pains. 
We are disappointed with our current, not very old, Consumer Reports recommended hybrid mattress. 
I have a couple questions I have not seen answers to on your website. 
First, does the size of the mattress make a difference in sleep quality or durability of the mattress (queen versus King/Cal King) or is this just a personal preference issue? 
Second, do you have more information on the Sleep & Beyond my Merino Comforter
Does it breathe better (i.e. sleep cooler) than down as the description states?
Thanks for your advice, Nancy
Hi Nancy,

Other than the information provided by Sleep & Beyond, I have nothing to add…as I don’t own one.
So far, I’ve found that they don’t overstate their claims concerning their products.
We have personal experience with some of their products…mattress protectors and sheets…and so far, so good.
We’ve added a soft latex topper to our mattress for extra comfort.
Latex does not sleep hot and wears slower than anything else.
Your mattress size question is an interesting one.
I don’t believe it’s been previously asked. Thank you for that.
From a wear standpoint, the smaller the mattress, the tighter it is and tends to wear longer as a result.
The king size tends to wear a little faster because of two factors.
The larger size is a bit looser. And, you tend to sleep further apart.
This creates a situation where body impressions form on each side and not in the center, which ends up looking like a hump up the middle.
From a sleeping standpoint, the obvious positive aspect is the extra sleeping space, which allows for more flexibility in finding the right sleeping position…which can vary from night to night.
You don’t have that with two people in a queen size.
To overcome the naturally occurring wear of a king size, rotate the mattress 1/4 turn frequently. It’s not quite square, but close enough that the 1/4 turn works.
Rotating the king size mattress in this way provides more even wear, and subsequently, a longer comfort life.
Even the queen size will need frequent rotating, head to foot, as standard maintenance of a new mattress.
When the mattress is older and the upholstery materials have settled evenly, rotating the mattress needs to be done less frequently.
Here are links to the Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush Mattress, you’re considering,
and to the Suite Sleep Organic Latex Mattress Toppers.

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Thanks, Pete
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