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Lower Back Problems on a Very Old Simmons Beautyrest.

Ray writes:
Hi Pete,

I am 73 years old, average size, sleeping on a very old Simmons Beautyrest mattress and box springs.  
I don’t know how old it is, but it’s a flippable two sided mattress.
I have lower back problems. I put a 3″ memory foam topper on it, last year, but that didn’t help for long. 
What should I replace it with?
Thanks, Ray
Hi Ray,
Your mattress has to be about 25 years old, at least…being two sided.
Your mattress has no memory foam in it, which is why it lasted as long as it has.
You’d be lucky to get only a couple/few years from any Simmons Beautyrest made today.
The memory foam upholstery is the reason why.
Memory foam is specifically designed to cause a mattress to need frequent replacing…creating a boon for the manufacturer and a nightmare for the consumer.
Your experience with that memory foam topper is evidence of this.
A Wolf Brolynn Old Fashioned Two Sided Mattress is what I’d recommend for you.
This mattress uses an individually pocketed coil system, like that used by Simmons.
The differences are: the coils are stronger and there is NO Memory Foam in this mattress.
The upholstery is about the same as what’s in your old mattress.
Click on this link to view specifications and prices.

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Thanks, Pete
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase its longevity.
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