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What a new mattress will relieve chronic neck pain?

Jack writes:
Hi Pete,

I have some problems with my neck that has caused me chronic neck pain for many years.
I just got one of those bed-in-a-box mattresses, and my neck pain is even worse than it was.
What mattress should I get that will help relieve this pain?
Thanks, Jack
Hello Jack,
You don’t address neck pain with a new mattress.
This problem is better addressed with the right pillow.
I have chronic neck pain, with which I had suffered constantly for many years.
A few years ago, while shopping at one of the industry’s trade shows, I was given a new type of pillow to try.
It’s made of 100%, finely chopped, natural Talalay Latex.
Being finely chopped, it allows me to manipulate the filling to fit around my head and neck, any way I want.
After only a couple of nights, my chronic, constant neck pain was gone.
We’ve recommended this pillow to many, many people over the last few years.
All have reported varying degrees of pain relief, with most having the same results that I had.
Here is a link to the Pure Bliss Latex-Down Pillow:

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Thanks, Pete
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