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A mattress to resolve my back/leg/hip/shoulder/neck pains.

Mandy writes:
Hi Pete,

I have followed your blog a bit and have gathered a lot of insightful information for my current situation.
I still wanted to reach out to you for a mattress recommendation.
I’m a middle aged, heavy, (200 lbs., 5’4″), pear-shaped female.
I have had a lot of recent neck, low back, and hip/thigh/leg pain issues.
I tend to sleep on my back and sides.
But due to the discomfort of my thighs and hips, recently, I have been sleeping more on my back with a small wrapped towel for support of my lower back.
The last few mattresses I have had are plush memory foam, and I began to suspect they are the problem.
After reading some of your blog posts, I now know that the memory foam has been the problem all along.
Thank you for that.
My current mattress is a Sealy Response Performance 12″ Plush Tight Top.
It doesn’t support my low back and hips well.
My pressure sensitive thighs complain, along with hip pain on the opposite hip, after about an hour of laying on my side on plush memory foam.
The old guest bedroom Sealy mattress that helped for a bit.
It’s a Posture Premier Deluxe Maycrest Plush, but it is well past its lifetime.
I’m conflicted on getting a Firm mattress when I have had Plush for most of my life.
The back problems suggest I need a Firm mattress with a 3-inch latex topper. Is that correct?
I do have reservations about that working for the pressure sensitive thighs when laying on my side.
The 3-inch latex topper sounds like it should resolve the pressure points for the hips, as you have suggested.
Latex allergy shouldn’t apply here, correct?
I’m mostly looking for comfort and support with something removing the pressure on the thighs and resolve my back/leg/hip/shoulder/neck pains. It would be nice to sleep on my side for extended periods again.
I have been considering the Wolf Brolynn Two Sided Mattress with Duo Comfort.
But I’m not sure if it would fully fit the requirements.
It would give me a bit more flexibility between Firm and Plush, but that would really only be extra insurance that something would work.
Thank you very much for your help.
Your blog is a fantastic resource!
It seems like you have helped many people in their search for a great mattress.
Thanks, Mandy
Hi Mandy,
The thigh pain is the result of sciatica, which is made worse by memory foam.
Once the natural alignment of your spine is restored, the thigh pain should subside.
Due to your total situation, the two sided Wolf Brolynn would not be my recommendation.
The good news is that the right mattress isn’t much more expensive.
That would be the Wolf Pocketed Coil/Latex Hybrid Tulah Plush Eurotop mattress.
Shown here:
Wolf Tulah Latex Hybrid Mattress
The pear shape is what makes the 3” soft latex topper likely to be necessary for better cushioning at the hip.
The topper to get is the Suite Sleep Organic Latex Topper in Soft.
Shown here:
I would suggest waiting until you’ve slept on your new mattress for a few days before deciding if the addition of a soft latex topper is, in fact, necessary.
There’s no worry about a latex allergy from the topper nor from the latex in the mattress.
The foundation you have is perfectly fine, so that doesn’t need replacing.

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Thanks, Pete
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