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It’s time to replace a Simmons Beautyrest Expedition Plush Mattress.

Robin writes:
Hello Pete,

My husband and I are ready to purchase a new mattress.  
Our favorite mattress in the house was inherited from our grandmother. 
It was a Simmons Beautyrest Expedition Plush. It’s time to replace it.
We read your blog recommendation for a modern equivalent. 
But before purchasing, I wanted to share some of our needs and see if the equivalent is the best fit.
I am 5’4” and 120 pounds.  My husband is 5’10” and weighs 175.  We mostly sleep on our stomach or side.  
I’ve been having issues with pressure points from my hips.  My husband needs firms back support. 
Our bed frame is beautiful but only provides a wood frame around the edges of the mattress and three horizontal wood slats.  For our current mattress we added a vertical two by four to the center of the frame to provide an extra touch point with the floor.
We appreciate your guidance!
Thank youRobin
Hi Robin,

At your sizes, the Wolf Tulah Plush Eurotop Mattress is the perfect choice…providing excellent support and comfort that isn’t too soft. This mattress uses the same type of coil system and support as the Simmons Beautyrest.
The upholstery is latex and poly foams…containing NO Memory Foam.
It’s a comfortable mattress, without being too soft.
Several of my family members are sleeping on this mattress.
Click on this link to view specifications and prices:
Wolf Tulah Latex Hybrid Mattress
It sounds like you’ll also need a new boxspring.
There is no better place to buy one than at:
Costco (Sealy), Sam’s Club (Serta), Big Lots (Simmons).
Despite making a terrible mattress, there’s nothing wrong with their foundations.
Price?…about $100…best buy anywhere.
This mattress comes with free ups shipping and there’s no sales tax.

Thanks, Pete

Thank you so much, Pete! 
That was the mattress I had picked from your blog, but didn’t want to lead a response. 
We really appreciate your help and amazingly quick response.
Thanks, Pete
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase its longevity.
We recommend our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

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