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Pain and Physical Therapy after sleeping on a sagging mattress.

Emily writes:

Hi Pete,

I came across your website while researching options after what has been a years long ‘mattress saga’ in search of better sleep and comfort.
In 2017 my parents bought me a Sealy Golden Elegance cushion firm mattress. 
(In hindsight I wish I still had my old spring mattress!) 
In 4 years, it sagged horribly. As a side sleeper, I had bad hip and shoulder pain and was in physical therapy. 
I was able to get a warranty exchange and thought if I upgraded with a Stearns and Foster pillowtop, it would resolve my issues and improve my sleep. 
Unfortunately, in less than a month I could feel the pillowtop losing its integrity and felt a sagging or sinking feeling that wasn’t supportive.
I contacted the retailer and they said they could do a ‘comfort return’ so I decided to forego the pillowtop and upgraded, yet again, mistakenly thinking I would have better quality.
I got the Stearns & Foster Cassatt tight top plush.
Again, within a few weeks it started to feel as if I was sagging or sinking without uniform support, especially in my lower back and hips. I have rotated it and this has helped somewhat as a temporary solution, but I wake up most mornings with the thought ‘I hate this mattress’ in my head.
I am someone who has suffered with long term autoimmune disease and have chronic pain and inflammation. As a side sleeper I’m trying to find a mattress that will offer comfort with relief and support. 
I am a petite 48 y/o woman and weigh about 105-110 lbs. 
I’m also sensitive to all the horrible off gassing odors with each new bed.
Your website is the first that I’ve come across that acknowledges how important a mattress is to our health. 
It’s truly amazing to me how little the customer service people know!!
I also learned from your site that Tempurpedic bought out S&F which was extremely disappointing, but that explains everything! I wasn’t buying the product I believed and felt disillusioned.
The retailer does not offer a refund and my only options now are: 
1) try for another warranty through the retailer and then get a firmer S&F (or a different brand from the retailer- Serta, Sealy, Simmons), 
2) try to get a warranty through S&F and get a firmer model with latex topper, 
3) try to sell the Cassatt myself and take a loss on some of the cost and go something completely new and different.
I’m low income so this has been a big financial strain as well as stressful. I want to keep things simple. 
I read that you recommend getting a firm mattress with a latex topper.
Do you have any guidance or recommendations for how I can make the best of this situation and eventually get a good mattress that offers the comfort and support I’m seeking? 
I would be most grateful for any advice or direction on this.
I apologize for how lengthy this is and appreciate your time.
Thank youEmily

Hi Emily,

All of the name brands have gone bad…all having been sold.
Tempurpedic bought Sealy and S&F.
A separate investment group bought Simmons and Serta.
All are upholstering their mattresses with memory foam.
Memory foam is specifically designed to cause a mattress to need frequent replacing. Memory foam is the only upholstery material that is temperature sensitive.
Memory foam softens as it warms from your body heat.
It reflects that heat back to you, causing the mattress to sleep hot.
Memory foam off gasses the toxic chemicals from which it’s made.
Memory foam is the worst upholstery material ever invented.
The memory foam is why you sink and why your chronic pain persists.
In switching to one of the other name brands, you will only repeat the mistakes you’ve been making.
The key to a successful purchase is in avoiding any mattress upholstered with memory foam.
Unfortunately, most of today’s mattresses are upholstered with memory foam…not just the name brands.
You won’t need to replace your foundation, just the mattress.
What I recommend is the Wolf Tulah Plush Eurotop Mattress.
Click on this link to view specifications and prices.
Wolf Tulah Latex Hybrid Mattress
This mattress provides excellent support, comfort and longevity.
Several of my family members sleep on this mattress…including my mother-in-law, who says she is sleeping without pain for the first time in years.
Adding a latex topper is something you can do to soften it further, should your chronic inflammation make it necessary. I recommend thinking about that only after you have the mattress and have determined that you want it to be softer.

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Thanks, Pete
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase its longevity.
We recommend our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

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