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What is up with this hump that runs up the middle of our king size mattress?

Marjorie writes:
Hi Pete,

What is up with this hump that runs up the middle of our king size mattress?
Several months ago, my husband and I decided to up-sized from a queen to a king.
We’re getting a little older and thought the extra room that a king size mattress provides would be luxurious.
To add to that extra luxury we were looking for, we opted for an expensive name brand pillowtop mattress, that Consumer Reports recommended.
Now, I wish I had my queen size bed back.
There are body impressions where we sleep and a hump that runs the length of the mattress up the center, which is only slightly visible but way easy to feel.
For the first time in our lives, we are experiencing back pain and we are sleeping hot.
We are not big people. We are more on the slender side of average, which makes this all the more perplexing.
I can’t tell you what a huge disappointment this mattress has been. 
We spent a lot on it and can’t afford a new one for a while.
Is there anything we can do about this?
Thanks, Marjorie
Hi Marjorie,
Let me, first, go over the list of mistakes you made with this purchase, so that you don’t repeat them when the time comes to buy again.
1) A pillowtop mattress will lose its shape very quickly.
They are such a major problem, that we’ve eliminated pillow top models from our website.
2) Shopping for mattress based on acquiring a “Luxury Feel”.
The mattress industry is geared to taking full advantage of the consumer’s propensity to indulge in luxury.
While comfort is important, taking that extra step to “a Luxurious Mattress” is, by and large, a huge mistake.
A mattress should be thought of as a utilitarian product, that provides firm support for your spine and enough surface comfort to cushion your joints and muscles…and provide a deep night’s sleep.
A luxury mattress provides what you now have…nothing but problems.
3) All of the name brand mattress manufacturers have been sold to investors.
The new owners have made the conscience decision to move from offering high quality products to low quality products, which would result in more sales, more frequently to the same people to enhance profits.
This has been achieved by switching the upholstery material to memory foam.
Memory foam is the absolute worst upholstery material ever invented.
Memory foam produces an initial, very comfortable, luxurious feel that does a great job of making the sale, which seems to be all anyone cares about these days.
Memory foam is a temperature sensitive material that softens as it warms from your body’s heat.
Once softened, you sink further into it. As time goes by…and we are talking months, not years…you sink further and further into it until you can feel that the memory foam has lost its support and comfort.
This particular product is designed to be deceptive…comfort that makes the sale but doesn’t last.
You would think that companies using such a crappy product would suffer from all the complaints and the mattresses that would then need to be replaced.
This, is the diabolical thing about memory foam and the industry’s subsequent reaction to it.
Even though you can feel that it’s bad and you sink in so much as to now be uncomfortable to the point of throwing off the alignment of your spine and suffering the back pain that is a consequence of that, when you get off of it, the memory foam returns to its original shape…or close enough that you are highly unlikely to prevail in a warranty claim, which requires there to be a 1.5″ sustained impression when no one is one the mattress.
That 1.5″ impression is the criteria that had been used for decades when there were no temperature sensitive products, like memory foam. Today, most still use that same 1.5″ as a criterion to obtain authorization for exchange, while other mattress manufacturers have gone to as much as 3″.
The average consumer fails to realize that the warranties are all but worthless…and that they are being suckered in by that…which is the intent of the name brand manufacturers.
And if you think that all that isn’t bad enough, hold on to your hat, because there’s more bad stuff.
Just to add insult to injury, memory foam is also a health hazard.
Comprised of 61 different chemicals, memory foam off gasses the toxic chemicals that are included in its
make-up….carcinogenic chemicals like Formaldehyde and Benzene….just to name two of many.
You can detect this when it’s delivered.
That horrible smell is worse than it seems. That chemical off gassing is airborne, affecting every living creature in your home, except for the fish. The most common negative side effect is headache.
The gasses also attack your respiratory system. It’s very bad stuff.
4) The thing that Consumer Reports does not yet understand, is the temperature sensitive nature of memory foam. They have machines that test its pressure sensitivity and the results are good under those conditions. They are not adding heat, as your body does in home use.
Their conclusions are all wrong, as a result of this omission.
Some years ago, Consumer Reports declared that the mattress industry was far too complex for them to understand. So, they made a point of offering NO recommendations.
Six months later, they published another mattress issue where they interviewed 100 people in Denver, and based their recommendations on those interviews.
Since then, they acquired the antiquated machines that they now use to test mattresses.
Consumer Reports has become the mattress industry’s unwitting accomplice.
I find it hard to believe that they are misleading the consumers intentionally.
Like they said, the mattress industry in extraordinarily complex and they still don’t understand it.
5) The way your mattresses is wearing, with that hump up the center, is the nature of a king size mattress.
The severity of “The Hump” is determined by the quality of the components.
The quality of the components in your mattress is very poor.
That all said, you have a problem that you must deal with.
First, would be to add a thin layer of a medium firm latex foam.
Latex is and has been the best upholstery material available for the last 100 years.
It won’t straighten out your wavy mattress, as it will conform the shape it has now.
It will do two things…provide you with a slightly firmer sleeping surface. Yours is too soft.
It will also absorb much of your body weight, which will retard the further wear of the mattress.
For your purposes, I would suggest a Pure Bliss 2″ Firm Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Topper.
Shown here:
Shipping is free and there’s no sales tax.
Now comes the interesting part…dealing with that hump and your discomfort.
This will require you to change you usual sleeping position.
Use the hump to lean against…much as you would when you’ve found yourself sleeping on a sofa…how you lean against the back of it.
Be it back or stomach, you can usually find a comfy spot that is closer to the center of the mattress…leaning against the hump.
Thanks, Pete
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase its longevity.
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