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Trying to find a mattress that doesn’t hurt my back.

Michelle writes:
Hello Pete,

I am so discouraged, at this point, trying to find a mattress that doesn’t hurt my back.
I have tried memory foam which ended up being too hard. 
I have tried a hybrid with a soft pillow top and coil bed and now we are sleeping on a sleep number.
All have given me low back/side pain. 
I thought the sleep number would work, considering the ads stating what a great night’s sleep it provides.
Here is my history.
I have no back problems other than tossing and turning in the middle of the night from the bad beds.
Once I get up and get moving around, within 15-30 mins my back pain is gone.
I know it’s the mattress. I weigh 125 lbs., and am a side sleeper.
Is there a soft mattress you suggest that will help me sink into and yet have some support.
Any recommendations would be appreciated. I am so discouraged.
Thanks, Michelle
Hi Michelle,
When you consider that there are, literally, tens of thousands of different mattresses available…and that so very few of them work, it’s easy to become, confused and discouraged.
There is plenty of mis-information that tells you how good these lousy mattresses are and an overabundance of salespeople to back up that nonsense.
Without someone to point you in the right direction, the few good mattresses are like the proverbial “needle in a haystack”. Luckily for you, you have just found such a person.
Without going into so much detail as to provide you with a complete understanding of the mattress industry, suffice it to say that there has been a steady decline in quality over the past ten years, or so.
The major culprits are:  memory foam and pillow tops. Neither of these products works well.
They are used because they provide incredible initial comfort that makes the sale.
But that initial comfort is extremely short lived.
The human body requires firm support…targeting the skeletal system.
It also requires a comfortable sleeping surface to relieve pressure points, provide muscular relaxation and improve blood flow, which creates a deep, restful night’s sleep.
Memory foam upholstered mattresses are specifically designed to sell more mattresses much more frequently than ever before….to the same people. The focus being on profits and NOT quality.
The way memory foam returns, once you get off of the mattress, is what prevents a successful warranty claim.
Also, your Sleep Number Bed is air and memory foam.
Air mattresses rely on displacement. There’s nothing pushing up against you for proper spinal support.
How do you get around all this and come up with something that works, works well, and lasts a long time?
Avoid any mattress that’s upholstered with memory foam…and all pillow tops.
Latex foam is made of natural rubber and has been the best material available for nearly 100 years.
Latex is expensive…from harvesting the sap from the rubber trees, to making it into the final product.
What is not added to that expense, is the mass media marketing needed to promote it.
You see how expensive Tempurpedic mattresses are.
You take cheap poly foam, add cheap chemical laden memory foam, spend millions in unrelenting mass media brainwashing and “Bam”…you have an expensive mattress that is absolutely worthless.
Latex does everything that memory foam is advertised as doing, does it better and for far longer and without all the negative side effects. If you liked your mattress in the beginning and would like to have that same feel, but without all the pain and expense of frequent replacing, a Latex Hybrid mattress will do the job you want.
Similarly made to your current mattress, using much higher quality components, is the Natura of Canada Latex Hybrid mattresses…comprised of a high density poly foam core, topped with Natural Talalay Latex.
Click on this link to view that line of mattresses:
Click on each model to view specifications and prices:

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Thanks, Pete
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