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Stearns and Foster luxury plush pillow top mattress smells awful.

Lisa writes:
Hi Pete,

I have read your blog and really appreciated the recommendations you have given on it.  
I hope you can help us.  My husband and I are lacking in the sleep dept.  
A little background:  I am 5’5″ 120 and mostly a side sleeper.
My husband is 5’10” 200 and is a back sleeper and some side.  
I often have trouble with pressure points of shoulders and hips.
Oddly enough, on a pillowtop mattress my back hurts and even my hips.  
My husband can’t stand the sinking feeling of our pillowtop mattress.
We currently have a .  It smells awful.  
It is not comfortable for either of us.  
We have tried a Tempurpedic and it also smelled bad and actually made me feel sick, plus it was very hot.  
We have slept on a Stearns and Foster plush mattress, in the past, and it seemed to work ok for both of us.  
I have looked for it and found that they no longer make that older style.  
As I was doing my research, I came across horror stories of how in 6 months to a year these beds break down and dip and many are unhappy.  This led me to your blog.  
I now wondering about the safety of the materials in these beds.  
Should we look at organic beds or is it not necessary.  I know they are quite pricey.  
We really could use your educated advice.
Thank you, Lisa
Hi Lisa,
Your problems stem from the poor quality upholstery materials used in most of today’s mattresses.
It’s the memory foam that smells bad, sleeps hot and wears quickly.
Memory foam consists of 61 chemicals and some of them are toxic.
Your mattress is off-gassing those toxic chemicals and that is what is making you sick. It’s a real health hazard.
The same memory foam that you didn’t like in your Tempurpedic mattress is now in your S&F.
Tempurpedic bought Sealy and S&F.
When dealing with a too firm mattress a latex topper will make it comfortable.
It provides long lasting surface comfort, insulates you from the memory foam and extends the life of the mattress. It does not protect you from the chemical off gassing of the memory foam.
If you are stuck dealing with a particular retailer for your mattress exchange, then get a mattress on the firmer side…without any memory foam in it….and add a Suite Sleep or Pure Bliss 2″ Soft Latex Topper.
Like those shown here:
If you’re looking to start fresh with a new mattress, our best is the Natura of Canada Greenspring, with the Ultra Plush being the most comfortable of their 4 models.
These mattresses are already upholstered with Natural Talalay Latex, and contain NO Memory Foam.
The double tempered, individually pocketed coils are very strong and contour to the shape of your body, maintaining the natural alignment of your spine.
The latex upholstery in the Ultra Plush model is comfy and extremely long lasting.
No need to go to the extra expense of “organic”.
This all natural mattress will give you proper spinal support and excellent surface comfort.
It’ll last you for 20 years, with nothing in that can make you sick.
Click on this link to view specifications and prices:

This mattress comes with white glove delivery.
delivery includes set-up in your bedroom and removal of all packing materials.

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Thanks, Pete
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase its longevity.
We recommend our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

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