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Innerspring with latex or all latex mattress?

Sandra writes:
Hi Pete,

We found a store in our area that sells all latex mattresses. 
We were able to visit the store and try out a Posh and Lavish mattresses. 
Research indicates that a combination of Dunlop and Talalay latex is best. 
What type of latex is used in the construction of the Natura brand?
Also, since we have slept on an innerspring mattress for many years, would a Natura Greenspring mattress be another option we could use with an adjustable base?
I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.
Sincerely, Sandra
Hi Sandra,

Rarely, will I recommend an all latex mattress.
Most of my customers tend to be older with some sort of back problem.
While all latex is the best of all the foams, no all foam mattress provides the pushback support against the spine that’s necessary to properly support any kind of back damage.
The Natura of Canada all latex mattresses are Natural Talalay Latex, supported by Natural Dunlop latex.
The Natura of Canada Greenspring mattresses tend to be a better choice for most people.
The Ultra Plush model is the one my wife and I sleep on at home.
Due to the high quality of the components…strength of coils and resiliency of the latex upholstery, all of their models are firmer than they sound.
Their firmness designations are in relation to each other…but much firmer than other brands with the same designation.
We sell a lot of the Ultra Plush model with some of those customers needing to add a soft latex topper…finding the Ultra Plush model to be too firm.
We have a topper on our mattress for my wife’s sensitive hip.
I have a lot of back problems, including herniated discs.
This mattress allows me to sleep and wake without back pain…with or without the added latex topper.
We’ve had our mattress for more than 6 years.
And despite each of us weighing more than 200 lbs., our mattress is still in like new condition.
And yes, this mattress, along with almost all other mattresses, is compatible with an adjustable bed base.
Here are 3 links…Natura’s all latex line, their Greenspring line of mattresses, and to the Greenspring Ultra Plush.
Natura Bourdolay all Latex Mattress
All of the Natura mattresses come with white glove delivery.
Delivery includes setup in your bedroom and removal of all packaging materials.
Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

Natura is currently taking approximately 6 weeks to ship.

Thanks, Pete
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