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I’m tired of the back/shoulder/neck pain. Looking to buy a new mattress.

Hello Pete!

Just recently found your website and have checked out some of your testimonials, need to know section and FAQ’s. You had me at ‘Hello’!
I don’t even know where to begin anymore, that is until I read info from your website. 
We are looking to buy a new King size mattress (and boxspring?) as soon as possible. 
I’m tired of the pain. 
Before I read some of your info, I knew we would need to be looking for a firm mattress, but was skeptical of firm w/pillow top type as the last two (including current) mattresses have had some form of this. 
Previous mattress had a pillow top type top and the fabric ended up bunching together towards the middle after about a year. 
We then purchased a firm pillow top that could be flipped from a local store, here in the Atlanta area. 
While it was good for the first 2-3 years, we are now at the 5+ year point and I’m done. 
There are indentations of our bodies no matter how you flip it, but not deep enough for them to return/exchange for new.
I am 41 years old, 5’7″, 160 lbs, athletic build (former power tumbler/gymnast), work out 4-5 times/week. 
I have upper back/shoulder/neck pain on a regular basis and am convinced it’s from the bed and the pillow! 
I’ve tried about 3-4 different kinds of pillows with no luck on a perfect one. 
I also sleep w/a body pillow to help alleviate pain in middle/lower back, which seems to work for those areas.
My husband is 46 years old, 6/1″, 230 lbs, mostly athletic build and works out 2-3 times/week. 
He will sometimes complain of lower back issues, but not as frequently as I complain about my issues.
I would love to know your recommendations of where to begin with our search. 
I would imagine something firm and add a latex topper maybe based on what I’ve read? 
Trying not to spend a fortune, but I will if I need to and it will last. 
Also, would a new boxspring be recommended as well?
Let me know if more info is needed to make any recommendations. 
Thank you for your knowledge and willingness to share with all of us!
Thank you!
Hi Brianne,

If the box spring you have is only 2-3 years old, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to replace it.
To be sure, move your mattress away and check it for weak spots. There really shouldn’t be any.
Your assessment is correct…a firm mattress with a soft latex topper will provide all the support, comfort and longevity you need and want.
My recommendations for a mattress and latex topper that will ship quickly are:
The Wolf Jessica Mattress…high coil count, heavy gauge double tempered steel.
The individually pocketed coils contour to the shape of the body and maintain the natural alignment of the spine, which is key to relieving chronic back pain.
Click on this link to view specifications and prices
Add to that, a Suite Sleep 2” or 3” Soft Organic Latex Topper.
Shown here:
Both items should arrive in about a week or so.

Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

The pillow situation is better addressed after you get your new mattress.

The change in your spinal alignment may fix the neck pain issue.

So, it’s better to wait. You may be ok with what you have now.

Thanks, Pete
Hi Pete,
Thank you so much for your quick reply! One last question.
If we were willing to wait a bit longer, what would be your additional mattress recommendation be comparable to the Jessica?

Thank you again!


Hi Brianne,

I’m afraid “a bit longer” translates into 8 weeks.
The Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush Mattress is my recommendation…the one we sleep on at home…but then again, we are heavier people.
And, it’s still likely to need a topper to soften it further.
Due to the high quality and density of the components, their ultra plush mattress is not as soft as it sounds.
Here’s a link to that mattress.
This mattress does come with white glove delivery, instead of ups.
However, considering your sizes, your need for a quick delivery and the price, The Wolf Jessica/Latex Topper sleep system combination is still your best choice.
Thanks, Pete
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We recommend our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

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