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Is the Jessica mattress with a soft latex topper would be the way to go?

David writes:
Hi Pete,
I’m sorry to keep pestering you and not ordering yet. I’m done putting this off.

When we first messaged you, some months ago, you said the Wolf Tulah would be the best mattress for us. 
Then that got discontinued and you suggested the Brolynn in plush. Is that still your recommendation? 
At the time I don’t believe the Jessica was available. 
I am now wondering, “Is the Jessica mattress with a soft latex topper would be the way to go?”. 
All the best, David
Hi David,

The Jessica with a latex topper is, by far, a better choice in terms of support, comfort and longevity.
Actually, it’s a better choice over the Tulah.
The coils are heavier than the coils used in the Tulah.
And the pure, organic latex used in the topper is better latex than the synthetic latex used in the Tulah.
I’ve also checked with the factory, recently, about the Tulah returning.
As of now, their supply of latex is dead. If the Tulah returns, it won’t be anytime soon.
The Jessica and latex topper sleep system combination is what we recommend for heavy people who can’t afford the Natura Greenspring Ultra Plush.
Here are links to the Jessica and the latex toppers.
Both items ship quickly.

Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

Thanks, Pete
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