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Archive for February 2022

Can I achieve a feel I’ll love by using a latex mattress topper?

Brenda writes: Hi Pete, It’s nice to talk to an expert!  I bought an innerspring mattress around four years ago. It wasn’t inexpensive. However, it wasn’t comfortable either! So, I would like your advice on how to remedy this on a budget.  My sister has a Sealy […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Lavinia ultra firm mattress.

Eileen writes: Hello Pete, Wondering if you could help. I have been searching for an ultra firm mattress for quite sometime.  No pillow top, no memory foam, just a good old firm mattress.  I finally found the Sealy Posturepedic Lavinia ultra firm mattress in a local store.   […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Encore CSS Plush Hotel Mattress.

Maxime writes: Hi Pete, I came across your contact information on the web. I’d like to purchase a mattress I slept on at a hotel recently. It’s the Sealy Posturepedic Encore CSS Plush Mattress. Is there a possibility you could help me get one? Thanks, Maxime Hi Maxime, […]

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Mattresses and Bed Bug Mattress Encasements Installed.

Daniel writes: Hi Pete, I need two mattress sets, but I also need the mattress installed. I also need mattress encasements for bed bugs…installed.  Can you do this? Thanks, Daniel Hi Daniel, We have mattresses that include white glove delivery. Shown Here: https://themattressexpert.com/natura-greenspring-pocketed-coil-mattresses/ However, we don’t sell […]

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A Mattress for our vacation home.

Nadia writes: Hi Pete, My husband and I recently purchased a small cottage to use as a vacation home and airbnb.   We live in New Jersey and the home is in finger lakes region, NY. I want a mattress that will make everyone sleeping there feel […]

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Sealy Posturpedic mattress has a strong chemical odor.

Charles writes: Hi Pete, We recently bought a Sealy Posturpedic mattress set. It has an odor. A strong chemical odor.  Is this normal? How long will it take for this to dissipate if this is normal?  Can we do something to speed the dissipation process? Thanks for your […]

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Hip Pain and Arthritis. My Mattresses are too firm.

Tammy writes: Hello Peter, I recently purchased a California King split adjustable bed and my mattresses are too firm. I have bulging discs, arthritis and get shots in my back. My left hip has begun to cause pain. I am looking to purchase a mattress topper so […]

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Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush Mattress.

Debra writes: Hi Pete I have been reading your comments about mattresses and am impressed by your knowledge.  My husband and I, too, had slept on a Beautyrest Recharge Hospitality at a resort and fell in love with it.  I figured it was only made for commercial […]

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A high quality mattress for a large man on a budget.

Albert writes: Hi Pete, I’m looking for a high quality mattress and have a budget of $1000 for a king size.  I have box springs that are only a couple of years old. I spent a lot of money on my current mattress, which has memory foam […]

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Lower Back and Shoulder Pain on a Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop Mattress.

Victoria writes: Hi Pete, I weigh only 105 lbs., and have lower back and now shoulder blade pain.   I had a Sealy euro plush pillow top for a few years.  It sagged.   I tried a Simmons Beautyrest that was too firm.   I just purchased a […]

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A Short Queen Size Mattress for an RV.

Marilyn writes: Hi Pete, My husband and I have an RV with a Short Queen Size Mattress. It measures 60″ x 75″. All I can find to replace it are foam mattresses.  We don’t want a foam mattress, preferring an innerspring type mattress. Do you know where […]

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A Mattress for a Pain Free, Cool Night’s Sleep.

Tom writes: Hi Pete, I’m in the market for a new mattress. I am 5 feet 10in., and I’m 181 lbs. I am a side sleeper and have lower back pain and neck pain (23 years as a firefighter) I was going to go with the Puffy […]

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When should I replace my 3″ Talalay Latex Mattress Topper?

Kaila writes: Hi Pete, When should I replace my 3″ Talalay Latex Mattress Topper? I purchased it from you in 2015. Sincerely, Kaila Hi Kalia, Latex is a pressure sensitive material that wears in directly relation to the pressure placed upon it. In other words, your body weight […]

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Natura of Canada 100% All Latex Mattress.

Eric writes: Hi Pete, You’ve already helped me with my last mattress, back in 2007.  It lasted a long time and I’ve been very happy with it. However, it now needs replacing. I am only interested in a 100% All Latex Mattress.  Either all Dunlop or a […]

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Pain from a mattress that’s too firm.

Irene writes: Hi Pete, I’m having pain from a mattress that’s too firm. What mattress would you recommend that won’t make me hurt all over? Thanks, Irene Hi Irene, The good thing about a too firm mattress is that you can soften the surface with any number […]

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A super plush pillowtop mattress, like my very old 2 sided Stearns and Foster.

Joan writes: Hi Pete, I’m looking for a super plush pillowtop mattress, like my very old 2 sided Stearns and Foster. I haven’t been able to find a mattress of this quality. After finding your blog, I now know why. I know you have a 2 sided […]

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What’s the best mattress? We want a high quality mattress that will last for many years.

Gilda writes: Hi Pete, Until recently, we’ve made the mistake of following the hype. My husband and I have been through several different mattresses over the past 2 years. My research started much too late, which is where I found your informative blog and website. We want […]

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I’m seeking a good quality old fashioned mattress and box spring.

Jim writes: Hi Pete, I’ve tried all of the heavily advertised mattress! The memory foam in them is horrible! I’m seeking a good quality old fashioned mattress and box spring.Where do I find one? Thanks, Jim Hi Jim We carry a line of Old Fashioned Two Sided Mattresses. […]

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I need to replace a Simmons Beautyrest Silhouette Mattress.

Hi Pete, I have a Simmons Beautyrest Silhouette Mattress from the early nineties, that I need to replace.  Went shopping today and the salesman had no idea of gauge of springs in any mattress in his store.  The Silhouette had 12 ga., but not sure. Any ideas […]

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I am in the market to purchase an RV Mattress.

Bill writes: Hi Peter, I am in the market to purchase an RV Mattress. Through my search I came across your blog.  Kindly let me know the models you have or a link to the ones you have in stock.  Also want to know whether you consider […]

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Serta i-Series pillowtop mattress, bought in 2014.

Carol writes: Hi Pete, I loved the Serta i-Series pillowtop mattress that I bought in 2014. I am looking for something comparable to that mattress.  I loved the cloud like feel of that pillowtop. I’ve shopped at stores and can’t find the same feel. Can you help […]

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The Voyager RV Mattress for lower back pain.

Lori writes: Hello Peter, We bought an RV and are looking for a new mattress. The Voyager RV Mattress is intriguing.  Have you heard if it works well with lower back pain issues side sleeper ? Next question…. Is there a way to pay to rush it […]

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Sheets that would fit my 15″ mattress.

Gregg writes: Hi Pete, I don’t see any place to submit the order on line for sheets that would fit my 15″ mattress?  It’s a Sealy pillow top mattress, queen size. My sheets do not fit over/under the corners of the mattress.  Please reply with a link […]

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What is the actual size of a California King size mattress?

Jose writes: Good Afternoon Peter, I purchased a California King Size mattress from a local store, which I just received and plan to return.  I have been on the phone arguing that the mattress is small and measures around 66-68 wide x 78 length.  I understand that […]

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A mattress with strong edge support for sitting.

Jillian writes: Hi Pete, We need a mattress with strong edge support for sitting. My husband sits on the edge of the mattress for a variety of reasons. The mattress we bought a couple of years ago has collapsed on the side where he sits. Which mattress […]

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