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What is the actual size of a California King size mattress?

Jose writes:
Good Afternoon Peter,

I purchased a California King Size mattress from a local store, which I just received and plan to return. 
I have been on the phone arguing that the mattress is small and measures around 66-68 wide x 78 length. 
I understand that this considered an Expanded Queen or Super Queen. 
My question is what is the actual size of a California King size mattress?

Thank you, Jose

Hi Jose,
The stated size of a California King is 74″ x 84″
The finished cut and sewn size may be a little smaller, depending on the quality of the mattress.
A cheaper made mattress may lose as much as an inch in each direction.
You are correct. 66″ x 80″ is the size of a Super Queen. Standard Queen measures 60″ x 80″.
Thanks, Pete
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