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Natura of Canada 100% All Latex Mattress.

Eric writes:
Hi Pete,

You’ve already helped me with my last mattress, back in 2007. 
It lasted a long time and I’ve been very happy with it. However, it now needs replacing.
I am only interested in a 100% All Latex Mattress. 
Either all Dunlop or a Dunlop core with Talalay upper layers.
I have researched every brand that will ship to Canada and am quite interested in Natura.
But figuring this company out is borderline impossible.
If I check their website in the US Naturaworld.com, they don’t have any all latex mattresses, only hybrids.
If I switch over to Canada, they now have a full line of all latex mattresses.
Here’s where things get weird for the Canadian side of Natura……
If I select “get in touch”, they direct me to Zedbed, which is a large established Canadian manufacturer who makes their own mattresses, even pour their own foam, and they don’t sell Natura mattresses. 
Zedbed is definitely not using their mattresses either as the makeup is completely different.
So, I am confused. 
Is it possible to buy a Natura all latex mattress?…Or is this all smoke and mirrors?

Thanks,  Eric

Good Morning Eric,
Welcome back. I’m happy to see that your previous purchase lasted so long.
All this is not as complicated as it seems.
Natura of Canada is owned by Zedbed.
Natura in the US is owned by Blue Bell.
They are two different companies…not making the same things.
I deal with Natura of Canada, as they have the better specifications.
Here’s a link to the Natura of Canada line of all latex mattresses.
Natura Bourdolay all Latex Mattress
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Thanks, Pete
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