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I’d like to get a quality mattress. The Jessica Mattress and 2″ Latex Topper looks good.

Josh writes:
Hi Pete,

I have a cheap mattress which I’m looking to replace because I’m waking regularly at night. 
The only other mattress I’ve ever purchased was a Nectar, which was giving me back pain so I returned it. 
I recently slept on a Simmons Beautyrest in a hotel, on which I slept great. 
I saw a post on your blog where you said that mattress has a pocketed coil unit. 
You pointed someone to the Wolf Jessica mattress. 
I also saw you recommend the Jessica with a Suite Sleep 2″ or 3″ Latex Topper.
I prefer firm mattresses where I feel stable and supported and on top of the mattress.
I’d like to get a quality mattress and the above looks like a good option for me. 
What do you think about that combo based on what I’ve said? 
Should I get a 2″ topper since I like to feel more supported and less like I’m sinking into the bed?
Thanks, Josh
Hi Josh,

The 2” latex topper is better suited to men.
The 2” soft organic latex is very comfortable, without allowing you to sink.
The 3” provides a more luxurious feel.
Since latex is so resilient, it’ll absorb so much of your body weight, the mattress will remain like new longer… …making a latex topper one of the few things that actually pays for me itself in the long term.
The Jessica mattress, having the same type of coil system, sleeps like a Simmons Beautyrest…but better made.
Here are links to each product.
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Thanks, Pete
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