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Bassett Carrington Chase Bedford Knoll Latex Mattress.

Joel writes:
Hello Pete, 
My wife and I bought our current mattress in 2007. 
It is a Bassett Carrington Chase Bedford Knoll Latex Mattress. 
We love it! Except now, the body indentations are getting too uncomfortable.

Would a latex topper work to revive that?  
If I understand correctly, we may be able to flip it over and just add a topper to the existing latex base. 
If that is correct, what topper would feel the same as the original mattress?

Thanks, Joel

Good Morning Joel,

Sealy used polyurethane foam on top of the latex, which is the part that has worn.
Flipping your mattress over and adding a latex topper is a great way to extend the life of your mattress for many more years.
The highest quality the latex, the better the results.
There is a lot of latex coming out of China that’s mixed with clay.
Since clay is a natural product, it’s sold as all natural latex.
The Suite Sleep Latex Toppers are made of pure latex.
Shown Here:
The most comfortable is their Pure Vita Talalay.
You can’t go wrong with their Soft Organic Dunlop, either.

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Thanks, Pete
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