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Does a new mattress take time to break in? Does it need a Latex Topper?

Hi Pete,

We got our new Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush Mattress and we are very surprised. 
It is not anything like our old Simmons Beauty Rest World Class Miriam. 
The bed we received seem high quality but I would not describe it as plush. It is so stiff. 
Does a new mattress take time to break in? Does it need a Latex Topper?
Please advise.
Thank youMargaret

Good Morning Margaret,

Your mattress has the same type of coil system as what’s used is a Simmons Beautyrest…an individually pocketed coil unit.
The coils are stronger and the latex upholstery is more resilient than what’s ever been in a Beautyrest.
It is a much higher quality product than anything Simmons makes today.
Every mattress is a little stiff when new, and all loosen up a bit within about a month.
It’s not logical to expect a new mattress to feel like an old mattress…nor would you want it to.
Your body needs a little time to get used to being properly aligned when going from a worn mattress to a new one.
My blog posts talk about this mattress as not being as soft as it sounds, due to the high quality of the components.
About 10% of the people who buy this mattress go on to buy a soft latex topper to further soften the surface.
I recommend waiting at least a week before deciding if a topper is truly necessary.
The Suite Sleep Latex Toppers are the highest quality latex products on the planet.
They are made of pure all natural latex with no fillers.
Many of today’s, so called, all natural latex toppers are made in China where clay is added to the mix during processing.
The clay cheapens the product, which then wears much too quickly.
Clay, being a natural material, allows those latex toppers to be sold as ‘All Natural’, without ever mentioning the clay.
If you find that you need to soften the surface, I recommend one of the soft Suite Sleep latex toppers.
Shown here:
FedEx shipping is free and there’s no sales tax.

They arrive in about a week or so.

Thanks, Pete
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