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It’s time to replace Stearns and Foster Newgate Luxury Plush Mattress.

Sean writes:
I believe it’s time to replace Stearns and Foster Newgate Luxury Plush Mattress purchased in 2011.

I had contacted you about ten years ago now when we had purchased a mattress and you had given me some sound advice.  I was digging back through my emails to see if you were still around and saw that you are and are still selling mattresses.  I was so impressed with your help the last time, that I believe I need to purchase a new mattress and if so, I would like to purchase a new mattress with you this time around.
I am having trouble sleeping through the night over the past several months and often wake up in quite a bit of side back pain (I believe from sleeping on my side on a mattress that is no longer supporting me or from sleeping on my back and the mattress feeling like it is almost sloped to one side or the other). Our mattress has developed a ridge down the middle of it. Does this time frame seem correct for needing a new mattress? Or should we simply buy a mattress topper first? I’m not sure what the lifespan on a mattress is, but I can tell you that my sleep has become extremely poor. We absolutely loved this mattress when we purchased it, based on your recommendation. So while I know I am getting older and my body is changing, I’m not sure if it’s due to the mattress or my needs being different.
I am 175 pounds, my wife is 125 pounds.  I think that we sleep on our side and our backs.  
I see that you have a number of different brands.  Is there a mattress you would recommend for us? Additionally, should we purchase a new box spring whenever we purchase a new mattress? 
Finally, in terms of mattress toppers, would you recommend us purchasing one with the purchase of a new mattress, assuming that the mattress will be more firm than our current mattress.
Thanks so much in advance Pete.
Hi Sean,

Your mattress has reach the end of its lifespan.
Adding a latex topper to it will not provide the support that your mattress is no longer providing.
Your box spring has also worn. Putting a new mattress on an old box spring will cause the mattress to wear quickly, as it will conform to the weak spots in the box spring.
You will also void the warranty of the mattress by doing so.
Much has changed since you bought that mattress.
Sealy/S&F was purchased by Tempurpedic shortly after your purchase.
Now, everything they make is upholstered with memory foam.
There’s no memory foam in your mattress, which is why it has lasted for so long.
Memory foam is specifically designed to cause a mattress to need frequent replacing.
S&F went from being one of the best to nothing more than expensive junk.
We stopped selling both brands after they were sold.
What we found to replace S&F is Natura of Canada Greenspring.
My wife and I have been sleeping on their ultra plush model for the past 8 years.
It’s still in like new condition.
This is the mattress I recommend for you.
Click on this link to view specifications and prices:
Latex Innerspring Mattress
It’s not a too soft mattress, despite being called ultra plush.
The high quality of the components make it firmer than it sounds.
It’ll feel more like your Newgate Plush did when it was new.
About 10% of the people who buy this mattress go on to add a soft latex topper.
I don’t recommend buying that with the mattress.
Wait until you have slept on this mattress for a week before deciding if a latex topper is needed.
Delivery is FREE and there’s NO Sales Tax.
Delivery takes about a month.
Thanks, Pete
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