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Simmons Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Series Mattress

Kathie writes:

Hi Pete,

I recently bought a Simmons Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Series Mattress, (medium-firm).
I was looking for more support since I just got rid of my bed in a box memory foam mattress.   
I am 107 lbs and a side/stomach sleeper.  
This Beautyrest mattress seems to be a little firm for me.  
I did not want a pillow top because they break down quickly. 
I was reluctant to get a hybrid because of the memory foam layers and the loss of support.    
I am currently trying solutions to make my mattress work. 
I have a 2” latex topper on top and I still feel like it’s a little firmer than I would like. 
Upon awakening, I feel the pressure points.  
I am wondering if I should try to add some type of pillow top mattress pad to provide additional softness.  
I am still in the trial period of this mattress as I have 100 days to return.
But I would have to select another mattress from the store. 
Wondering if I should consider a Beautyrest Harmony lux hybrid trillant medium. 
The store carries Beautyrest, Stearns & Foster and Tempur-pedic brands. 
Thank you for your assistance and any suggestions.


Hi Kathie,

There’s little point in exchanging that mattress.
The one you have and every mattress made by all of those brands use memory foam upholstery.
Memory foam wears quickly, sleeps hot and off gasses the toxic, carcinogenic chemicals it’s made from.
The latex topper will help prevent the premature wear and sleep cool.
You’re better off making the most of what you have.
Latex toppers are available in a wide range of comfort levels.
But before considering another, softer latex topper, (they’re expensive), I suggest getting a synthetic down comforter, aka alternative down.
Synthetic down is nice and fluffy and keeps it’s loft a lot better than real down.
Bed Bath and Beyond is a good place for that.

Many show up on a google search.

Thanks, Pete
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