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A high quality mattress to replace my old Stearns and Foster.

Kathy writes:
Hi Pete,

I’m looking for a high quality mattress to replace my old Stearns and Foster.
I had written to you a good 5 years back, about this, when I thought it was time to replace that mattress.
You convinced me to get a latex topper instead, which I did.
You were right! It worked like a charm! The comfort it gave me was delicious!
I did as you suggested and first used the latex topper on top of the mattress.
After about a year, I flipped this one sided mattress over and added the latex topper back.
That gave me a few more years.
It was a great idea and a great value.
The latex topper is still good, but the mattress no longer provides adequate support.
Now, it’s past time to replace that mattress.
What do you recommend for people on the heavy side and are used to the quality of an old S&F mattress?
Thanks, Kathy
Hi Kathy,
We had been a Sealy/S&F retailer at the time you bought yours.
We gave up those lines when they were bought by Tempurpedic in 2013.
In January of 2014, Everything with a S&F label was poisoned with memory foam.
S&F went from being “The Cadillac of the Industry” to nothing more than expensive junk over night.
All that sent us to the Industry trade shows to find a suitable replacement.
We found that with the Natura of Canada Greenspring line of mattresses.
In fact, the specifications exceed that of S&F mattresses prior to being sold.
The coil count is higher. The coils are stronger, and the upholstery is natural latex…superior to the upholstery materials commonly used 15 years ago.
I was so impressed, that I ordered one for my wife and I.
We’ve had ours for nearly 8 years, and it’s still in like new condition…with each of us over 200 lbs.
We purchased the Ultra Plush model.
Due to the high quality of the components, this mattress is nowhere near as soft as it sounds.
In fact, we added a soft latex topper to ours to cushion my wife’s sensitive hip.
So, you’ll be able to continue to use the latex topper you have.
The Natura of Canada Greenspring Ultra Plush Mattress is my recommendation for you.
Click on this link to view specifications and prices:

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Thanks, Pete
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We recommend our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

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