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A mattress for a 290 lb. man with back and hip pain.

Vicki writes:

Hi Pete:

What mattress you would recommend for a 290 lb. man with back and hip pain, who is a side sleeper?
Thanks, Vicki

Hi Vicki,

The problem with a mattress that is soft enough to accommodate a side sleeper at that size, is that it won’t last very long…a year or two at most.
The problem with a mattress that is strong enough to hold a man that size is that it won’t be soft enough at the surface to address his hip pain.
For people of that weight, we recommend a 2-part solution.
First is a mattress that is strong enough to wear well under that weight.
The Natura of Canada Greenspring Firm is where to start.
Shown here:
Latex Innerspring Mattress
You’ll add to that mattress, a latex mattress topper.
Latex is and has been the best upholstery material for the last 100 years.
Pure latex is the most resilient and longest lasting, able to handle that kind of weight for many years.
Due to its extraordinary resiliency, the latex topper will absorb much of his body weight, so that in 5 years, or thereabouts, you’ll only need to replace only the topper.
The mattress will still be in very good condition.
This sleep system combination ends up being much less expensive in the long term, due to the high quality of the components, which are not inexpensive to start.
The Suite Sleep Organic Latex Topper is what I recommend.
Shown here:
Which one depends on how you think about it.
As with any upholstery material, the more you have the faster it will show body impressions.
The 3” creates a greater depth of softness than the 2”.
The choice of “Soft” provides greater comfort than the “Medium Soft”.
So, the 3” Soft is the most comfortable, with the shortest life span.
The 2” Medium Soft is the least comfortable and longest lasting.
Comfort is important…more so than longevity.
If I were to choose for you, it would be 3” Medium Soft…as a good compromise.
However, if he is already suffering with hip pain, the 3” Soft would be best.
That should still give him a few years of comfort.

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Thanks, Pete
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We recommend our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

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