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We have been going through mattresses like water.

Georgia writes:

Hi Pete,

We have been going through mattresses like water. 
We bought a very nice king size Stearns and Foster lux firm mattress. 
While it was comfortable, It developed the hump in the middle quite quickly.
A few years later we bought the Simmons Beautyrest silver mattress. Same issue. 
We then bought the Serta icomfort mattress…and many others. 
They have all developed the famous middle hump and haven’t quite fit the bill.
Yet, we go to hotels and once in a while we sleep on something great.
We wake pain free, are comfortable, and sleep through the night…and it has no humps. 
For reference I do have a bad back as sciatia pain. 
I’m 5’11” about 195 lbs. My husband 5’10 and about 250. We typically like firm but with a little give. 
My main goal is the above and no humps. Dual sided preferred, I think? Unless it serves no purpose. 
I’m also not a fan of memory foams, which seem to be in every mattress anymore.
Most recently we spent a few weeks at a choice hotel and slept on a Simmons Beautyrest hospitality mattress.
I’m sure we could buy it through the hospitality program for far more, but I’m looking forward to your recommendations. I’m tired of throwing away money!
Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
Hi Georgia,

No hump is a lot to expect from a king size mattress.
Sooner or later a hump always develops.
Sooner with memory foam than other upholstery materials.
Hotel rooms are filled on a rotating basis…getting about half the use it would get in a master bedroom.
Then there’s your sizes, which is heavier than average.
Nobody sleeps in the center of a king mattress.
The upholstery material stays like new a lot longer than on either side, encountering your body weights.
Also, a box spring is more rigid around the perimeter.
In a king size, the box spring is always two pieces.
The edges of both halves run up the center, where there is less give.
A hump up the middle of a king mattress is the nature of the beast.
It’s not something that can be totally avoided, not even if you rotate your mattress a quarter turn on a regular basis.
Here is the link to Simmons’ hospitality line of mattresses.
These are their hotel mattresses that cannot be purchased at retail stores.
You’ll want to ask for their heaviest gauge coils and as little upholstery as possible.

The less amount of upholstery material equals a smaller hump.

Thanks, Pete
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