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A Mattress for a bad back…56-degree scoliosis.

Jan writes:
Hi Pete,
I have a bad back…56-degree scoliosis. 
They say I need Harrington rods put in… big surgery. 
There are so many mattresses out there. Our mattress at home is memory foam. Hate it. 
Can you tell me the best mattresses… maybe the top 3?
Need firm mattress but not a rock hard one. Been there done that. Too firm makes for painful night. 
I want firm but plush and soft w/great support and comfort mattress suggestion. Interested in split king. 
Please give me the name of maybe 2 or 3 mattress favorites for the best support plus comfort. 
When you don’t know what’s the best and provides the most comfort, it’s so frustrating. 

Too many mattresses out there to choose from.

Thank you and God bless you!
Hi Jan,
My concern is that what you find comfortable now is likely to be different once you’ve had those rods put it.
I have an inexpensive mattress with a Bonnell coil unit that is likely to be your best choice after such a surgery.
What I’d recommend for you, pre-surgery, is completely different.
If this surgery is something you’re considering, I recommend waiting until you decide before buying a mattress.
In the meantime, flip your mattress over. You’ll find the flip side more to your liking.
The memory foam is only on the top. The flip side is much firmer and more stable.
Use a comforter, or whatever you have handy, to give it some softness.
Memory foam is used in most of today’s mattresses.
Despite there being so many mattresses, very few are made without memory foam.
We specialize in mattresses that have no memory foam in them.
It is the absolute worst upholstery material ever invented.
Here’s a link to the best mattresses made today, The Natura of Canada Greenspring.
These are your best options without that surgery, using an individually pocketed coil system that provides upward pushback support that maintains the natural alignment of your spine.
Latex Innerspring Mattress
Post-surgery, this Bonnell coiled, Wolf Adrian Mattress, where the coils that are all linked together that provides a more rigid support, would be better.
You should never use a new mattress on old foundations.
However, if your current foundations are reasonably new, they’ll be ok.
Either way, Delivery is FREE.
Thanks, Pete
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Keeping your mattress clean and dry will increase its longevity.
We recommend our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

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