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The Wolf Jessica Mattress with the Suite Sleep 2″ Soft Organic Latex Topper is a Godsend!

Diane writes:

Hi Pete –

I am finally getting a great night’s sleep!…and have been for the last 6 months.
The Wolf Jessica Mattress with the Suite Sleep 2″ Soft Organic Latex Topper is a Godsend!  


Thank you, sooo much for recommending this to us.
Anyway, the reason I’m emailing today is regarding travel.
What have you suggested to folks when they are traveling and have left their good sleep set-up at home?  
Is there a travel topper you recommend? If we’re driving, I can load up our vehicle.
One is at the mercy of wherever one is staying when they arrive.
Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
Hi Diane,
I’m so pleased to hear that you’re sleeping well, although not surprised.
Great travel question!
My wife and I travel with that same Suite Sleep 2” Soft Organic Latex Topper in Queen Size. 
We can use this by laying it across a king size mattress.
We fold ours in thirds, roll it up tight, and cinch it with a belt…easy to carry & pack.
Here’s the link for the Suite Sleep Organic Latex Mattress Toppers:
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Thanks, Pete
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