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Stearns and Foster Kings Court Firm Mattress.

Diane writes:
Hello Pete,

I was referred to you by the manager of the housekeeping department at the Charleston Place hotel. 
My one night stay there in March gave me a wonderful sleep and they told me the mattress was a Sealy Posturepedic Palatial Crest CSS – Plush.
I am sleeping on a Stearns and Foster Kings Court Firm Mattress that’s still in great shape.
I had the carpet replaced in the bedroom and the workers must have cut the bottom mesh material on the split king box springs and they are shedding white puffy material under the bed. 
We’ve tried to duct tape the holes, but the tape continually falls off. 
I’m willing to get a new mattress set, but my husband thinks maybe we can just replace the box springs. Hopefully, we can find a similar split box.
We are 66 years old and each weigh 155 pounds, I have knee issues and my husband has back issues. 
I have put a Dr. OZ 1.5″ memory foam cooling mattress topper and it seems a little firm. 
We used to have an old 3.5” non cooling memory foam & it was too soft and seemed to cause more problems because turning was difficult because we seemed to sink into the mattress. 
My husband is a side sleeper and I am a back, stomach and side sleeper.
Thank you in advance for your recommendations on a new mattress, box spring set or latex topper.
Best Regards, Diane
Good Morning Diane,

The muslin fabric that covers of the box spring can be replaced.
Simply staple on another piece of muslin, which I can likely get for you.
I say, ‘likely’, because it’s an unusual request that would entail someone doing me a favor….so, not a certainty.
Today’s box springs aren’t as elaborately made.
They are, all, more cheaply made.
So, there’s no advantage to buying one brand over another.
Nor is there any advantage to spending a lot for it.
The stores with the best prices on box springs are:
Sam’s Club…Serta
Big Lots…Simmons
You have a very high quality mattress that does not need to be replaced.
We carry a number of latex mattress toppers, which is definitely your best option.
3” provides a greater degree of surface comfort than the 2”.
Which you choose will depend on how much extra surface comfort you want.
The highest quality is the Suite Sleep Pure, All Natural Latex Mattress Toppers.
The Vita Talalay is one of the softest…only available in 3”
The Organic Dunlop is available in Extra Soft. Again, only available in 3”.
The Organic Dunlop is available in Soft at 2” or 3”.
Shown here:
If you only need a little extra cushion, consider the Natura of Canada Ultimate Plush Latex Topper.
Shown here:
The Natura latex is more reasonably priced, as it is mostly synthetic latex.
All of these toppers are hypoallergenic and all of them won’t soften link your memory foam topper did.
Latex is far more resilient and doesn’t allow you to sink.
The feel it provides is one of floating….quite comfy.

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Thanks, Pete
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We recommend our Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector. 

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