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Comparable to a Simmons Beautyrest Elite Mattress.

Brenda writes:
Hi Pete,
I’m trying to find what is comparable to a Simmons Beautyrest Elite Mattress. 
This mattress is about 8-10 years old.
Thought maybe you would be able to help?
Thanks, Brenda

Hi Brenda,

I can help you.
The first thing I can help you with is to stop wasting your time looking for something that doesn’t exist.
Simmons was sold to an investment group, about 6 years ago.
That same investment group also bought .
Poor quality memory foam is what they’re using to boost profits by making short lived mattresses…selling more mattresses more frequently to the same people.
All of the name brands that you could once trust to make a quality mattress have been sold. All of them, and many other brands are now using that same memory foam, which off gasses the toxic chemicals from which memory foam is made…as if the poor quality weren’t bad enough.
The thing that makes a Beautyrest mattress so comfortable is the individually pocketed coils, which contour to the shape of the body, maintaining the natural alignment of the spine.
That type of support is what you want…without the crappy memory foam upholstery.
The second thing I can help you with is to find a mattress with that coil system and without the memory foam.
Most of our mattresses have that coil system and none of them are upholstered with memory foam.
The best of what we have to offer is The Natura of Canada Greenspring Mattresses.
Shown here:
Latex Innerspring Mattress
Click on each model to view specifications and prices.
The Ultra Plush model is the most comfortable without being too soft.
This is the mattress my wife and I sleep on at home.
These mattresses come with white glove delivery.
At a more reasonable price, we also carry the Wolf line of mattresses.
Wolf is a very old mattress manufacturer, established in 1873.
The Two Sided, flippable mattresses and the Jessica model have the pocketed coils.
Shown here:
Wolf Brolynn Two Sided Mattress
These mattresses ship via ups.
Either way, Delivery is FREE.

Again, there is NO MEMORY FOAM in any of those mattresses.

Thanks, Pete
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