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A luxurious mattress for a large woman with Fibromyalgia.

Lisa writes:
Hi Pete,
I’m a large woman, 5’4″ 180 lbs., with fibromyalgia and am looking for a luxurious mattress.
I’ve been through 3 mattresses in 2 years and it’s always the same…very comfortable when trying at the store, less so within 5 months and downright uncomfortable before a year’s time.
All this caused me to do some research online, which is where I found you.
I’ve read some of your blog posts and I can tell you up front, I have no interest in a mattress I have to flip.
(I see it’s one you often recommend.)
So my questions are, what have I been doing wrong and what do I do now?
I hope I’ve come to the right place. You seem to know what you’re talking about.
Hoping for the best, Lisa
Hi Lisa,
You have come to the right place, and I do know what I’m talking about.
After more than 50 years in this industry, one would certainly hope so.
What you’ve been doing wrong is a very good question.
Knowing that will prevent you from repeating your mistakes.
In short…it’s the memory foam used in the vast majority of today’s mattresses that creates the circumstances where you can do nothing but make a mistake.
Despite all the hype to the contrary, memory foam is the worst upholstery material ever invented.
You’ve suffered the results of it several times.
What do you do now?
In short…any mattress that has no memory foam in it will be a vast improvement over your previous choices. But, let’s concentrate on what you need and want, specifically.
To start, you’ll need a support system that is strong and durable enough to hold a large woman over many years. That support system also needs to contour to the curves of a female to relieve the pressure points at the shoulder and the hip…more importantly at the hip.
And as you pointed out, this support system will have to be one sided…not requiring to be flipped.
Then there’s the luxurious surface feel, which you will never achieve with memory foam.
The oldest and best of all the foams is pure latex natural foam…first used in mattresses about 100 years ago.
This is what will provide you with a luxurious surface feel that will ease you Fibromyalgia pain and do so over many years.
There is no memory foam, no chemicals, no chemical off gassing to worry about in the latex topper or the mattress.
Together, this sleep system combination will provide you many years of supportive, comfortable sleep.
The Mattress is the Wolf Jessica.
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The Suite Sleep Pure Organic 3″ Latex Mattress Topper in Extra Soft is what you’ll add to that mattress.
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