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Simmons Beautyrest Marriott Hotel Mattress.

Joe writes:
Hi Pete,

You previously had a writer, back in 2016, who asked about an alternative to the Marriott hotel mattress because of the price. 
You wrote that the hotel uses a Simmons Classic Beautyrest, but it wouldn’t last that long in everyday use. You said it would be wiser to look for a Luxury Firm model of the same mattress, and to add a 2″ latex topper. Beautyrest has so many different versions now, which one would you recommend today to match the comfort of the Marriott hotel mattress but with better durability and a better price?
Thanks, Joe
Hi Joe,

Back then, Simmons was using a less temperature sensitive memory foam that was cured so that it didn’t off gas. Those Beautyrests with a latex topper made for a successful long term purchase.
Since then, Simmons was purchased by an investment group, which also bought Serta. The memory foam they’re using is cheaper and off gasses the toxic chemicals from which memory foam is made.
Tempurpedic bought Sealy and S&F.
None of the name brands are worth buying…along with many other lesser known brands, due to the poor quality memory foam their using that cannot be overcome by adding a latex topper.
The mattress I recommend is the Wolf Old Fashioned Two Sided Brolynn Mattress in Plush…using a strong individually pocketed coil unit and natural, plant based polyurethane foam.
This mattress has no memory foam in it and no off gassing to worry about causing a health hazard.
Click on this link to view specifications and prices.
This mattress is comfortable on its own, but not overly soft.
If you’d like to give this mattress a more luxurious surface feel, then add a Suite Sleep soft latex mattress topper.
Here is a link to those.
If you need a new foundation for this mattress, here’s a link to the Magniflex KD Foundations.
They assemble easily with no tools required.
They are available 5” or 8” high and come in a choice of color.

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Thanks, Pete
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