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Simmons Beautyrest World Class Plush Pillowtop Mattress.

Violeta writes:
I have been informed that my favorite mattress has been discontinued. 
It is the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Plush Pillowtop.
Would you be able to assist me in finding a similar one? 
I am looking into twin and twin xl mattresses.

I am attaching an image of the brand name as well.
Thank youVioleta
Good Morning Violeta,

“Discontinued” isn’t the worst of it.
Simmons has been sold.
The investment group that bought Simmons is now using poor quality upholstery materials that wear quickly and off gas the toxic chemicals from which they are made.
If you want a recommendation, it wouldn’t be a Simmons Beautyrest.
All of the name brands have been sold. All are using the same poor quality materials.
In order to make a successful purchase, the key is to avoid any mattress upholstered with memory foam.
Let me know if you want me to proceed with a recommendation.
It would be a 2 part recommendation, mattress and latex mattress topper, and include a brand with which you’re unfamiliar.
Thanks, Pete
Hi Pete,

How terrible to hear. Thank you for the information. 
If the recommendation information is free, I would love to hear it! 
Is the difference between the new vs old ones the individual pocket coil springs with no memory foam? 
Is the “gel foam” better?
Thanks, Violeta
Hi Violeta,

My advice and recommendations are always offered freely.
So many folks are so focused on what they want, not knowing they can’t get it, that they don’t even want to hear anything else.
Gel foam is memory foam. Gel is used to mitigate the heat produced by memory foam, but reaches a saturation point a few hours into the night.
Memory foam is also known as Visco foam.
All of it off gasses the toxic chemicals from which memory foam is made.
You simply can’t buy a Simmons Beautyrest mattress without it, at this point in time.
The fabric on your mattress is a cotton damask…something that hasn’t been used for many years.
Your mattress is quite old.
People replacing mattresses that old are, basically, stepping out of a time warp…when it comes to the mattress industry.
So much has gone bad over the last 20…to a greater degree over the last 10 years…since investors own the name brands that you could once trust to make a quality mattress.
Today, it’s all about profits, with little attention to quality.
Needing to replace mattresses frequently is what enhances profits for them…and the retailers that sell them.
The mattress I’m recommending is the Wolf Old Fashioned Two Sided Brolynn Mattress in Plush.
It uses an individually pocketed coil system, like what’s in your Beautyrest.
The coils are firmer and stronger.
When Simmons makes a “Plush” version of a mattress, they do so by using a thinner gauge wire for the coils…as opposed to using softer upholstery materials, which is what all the other brands had done.
In order to give the Wolf Brolynn Plush Mattress the more luxurious feel you’re used to, you’ll need to add a Suite Sleep 2” or 3″ Soft Organic Latex Topper to it.
Latex has been the best, longest lasting upholstery material for the past 100 years.
Together, this sleep system combination will provide the support, comfort and longevity you’ve enjoyed for all these years.
Wolf has been making mattresses since 1873.
Here are the links to the products I’ve recommended, where you can view specifications and prices.
Wolf Brolynn Two Sided Mattress
If you like what you see, you can order securely online.
Shipping is free.

Please, let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks, Pete
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